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…And The Winner Is…

You may have thought that I’d completely forgotten about this contest. I published that post back in May about the photo contest I’d entered for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund 2015 calendar.

I’m so very honored to say that, yes, one of my photos was indeed chosen to be in the calendar.  The judges selected this photo for the March 2015 calendar page:

in the wind

You may also recall my contest, offering a not-yet-revealed prize for the reader who thought “In The Wind” (as I titled that picture)  might be the photo the judges chose.

There were 40 comments to that post, and of those, ten selected “In The Wind” as their favorite, or the one they thought would be the judges’ pick. I’ll name the winner of MY contest a little further along in this post, but here’s the prize:

in the wind canvas 12-30-2013 4-02-17 AM 12-30-2013 4-02-17 AM

An 8 x 10 canvas print of the winning photo.

And the winner of the print is:

My blogging friend, Cindy, at Mama’s Empty Nest.  I hope you like the canvas, Cindy, and thanks for being such a faithful reader!

And thank you to everyone who participated in the contest.

~These Days Of Mine~

A Quick Beach Get-Away

After all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, Motor Man and I recently slipped away for a little Outer Banks fix.

We were on the beach at sunrise last Friday. In the winter, the beach is pretty much our own at that time of day.

first pic 12-26-2013 7-06-46 PM

Every few minutes, the sky changed, requiring, of course, that I take another picture. It was quite brisk, though, so although I stepped out for a few minutes to pick up seashells, I didn’t tarry long outside the Jeep.

sunrise2 obx 12-26-2013 7-15-39 PM

We know that we rarely see horses out on the beach in the winter, but we did manage to find a couple on the “back roads”, including this one, sporting his furry winter coat. (This picture was taken with a zoom lens: I wasn’t nearly as close to him as it appears.)

horse eating 12-26-2013 7-57-15 PM

But, both going to the beach and coming home, we stopped to see our friend, Aggie. She doesn’t have a 50-feet distance ordinance.

db petting aggie 12-26-2013 10-07-55 PM

We’re just two members of her huge fan club, and she’s always happy to see us treats.

aggie and db 12-26-2013 10-08-42 PM

Our trip was a short one, but fun and relaxing with beautiful scenery….and horses.

Random Five Friday

One more Christmas related Random Five Friday.

1. Since yesterday’s post focused on Gypsy, it’s only fair that, today, I share a Christmas picture of Sundae.

sundaes tongue 12-25-2013 8-46-22 AM

2. I feel so fortunate that we have family to visit on Christmas.  I love this picture of Motor Man’s mom with  her two great grandsons.

nanny christian josey 12-24-2013 11-03-50 PM

3. We also visited my sister and niece on Christmas Day.

db june barb 12-25-2013 2-11-29 AM

4. We took our second annual Christmas family photo. And once again, Sundae chose not to cooperate.

family photo 12-25-2013 8-55-30 AM

5, Motor Man gave me half of a Samsung tablet for Christmas,  and I gave him the other half. Let the learning begin!

~These Days Of Mine~

Gypsy’s First Christmas

Gypsy celebrated her first Christmas yesterday.

Prezzies! For me?

In the large package was Gypsy’s new, “big-girl” bed (which she, so far, has ignored). The small package was a gift from our friends, Pam and Dave and their kitty, Sammy. It was a “cube” kitty playhouse.

gypsy looking out of cube 12-23-2013 9-43-09 PM

And Gypsy LOVES it! She rolled in it across the floor like a hamster in a wheel, she peeked out of it and curled up in it.

gypsy in cube 12-23-2013 9-45-32 PM

All attempts to get her to pose with a red bow on her head, however were…

gypsy and jr 12-23-2013 9-53-59 PM


marshall db gypsy 12-23-2013 9-57-52 PM

But, look at that sweet face. Who needs a red bow anyway?

gyp 12-23-2013 9-53-22 PM

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Christmas Thoughts

This Christmas morning, I say thank you to all of you who take a few minutes of your day to stop in and visit. Thank you for your kind comments (and to my fellow bloggers, thank you for clicking the “like” button).

nativity 12-24-2013 10-08-15 AM

All of us at These Days wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and much happiness and good health in the New Year.

~These Days Of Mine~

These Barns – Christmas Eve Edition

A few weeks ago, when we drove to Strasburg, Virginia to meet our friends Pam and Dave for lunch, we passed by this weathered red barn.  Motor Man noticed it as we were rounding a curve, so I really only had seconds to snap a couple of pictures.

christmas barn1 12-10-2013 9-38-35 PM

It had snowed an inch or two in the area the day before our trip. Between the red of the barn, the green roofs on the silos and the snow, it made for Christmas Eve-worthy photos.

christmas barn2 12-10-2013 9-38-33 PM

Christmas Eve is a night of song that wraps itself about you like a shawl. But it warms more than your body. It warms your heart… fills it, too, with a melody that will last forever.”   ~unknown

~These Days Of Mine~

The Not-For-Christmas Gift

Several years ago, Motor Man decided that we needed a nice camera, so we bought our first Nikon. After a few years (and many, many photos), we saw the dreaded “shutter error” message.  Rather than sending it off for repairs, we bought another camera.

A few weeks ago, we thought about that camera sitting unused in the closet, and decided to have it repaired and give it to Marshall. Since it wasn’t NEW, we didn’t want it to actually be a Christmas gift. So we gave it to him last week.

I’ve shared some of Marshall’s photos here in the past. Here are a couple of new ones, but bear in mind that these were  taken BEFORE he was given the Nikon.  He has a small digital camera, but I really think these were taken with his cell phone.


Marshall’s kitty, “Snugg”, pretending to be in the jungle

Snuggles (a.k.a. Snugg) is one of Marshall’s favorite subjects to photograph. Snugg likes to pose for Marshall.

snugg on hall rack

Although we haven’t had a lot of winter weather yet, Marshall took this one morning last week (from inside his car) of the frost on the windshield.

frost 12-18-2013

I’m anxious to see what photos Marshall captures with his not-new camera.

~These Days Of Mine~