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Friday’s Fences – Sneaking Under

(A little background on today’s post: My great niece is in the Air Force and recently returned from a deployment to the mid-east. While she was away, she commented several times on my FB page about how she’d love to see the wild horses on the Outer Banks. Thankfully, she returned safely from her deployment earlier this month, and has come “home” to Virginia for a couple weeks. And yesterday, Motor Man and I took her to the Outer Banks to see the horses.)

 Some of the property owners in that area put up fences around their yards to keep out the horses. Well….in an attempt to keep out the horses. As you can see, that doesn’t always work the way it should.

Access gained.

“Yes, I’m on THIS side of the fence now.”

Do you have a problem with that?”

This is a “bonus” picture, since there’s no fence.  This is the same horse after she left the fenced-in yard and was on her way down the street.  We were really surprised at how the horses’ coats seem to have gotten furry since the last time we saw them. And I’m guessing that furry isn’t the correct word. But obviously they’re ready for winter.

blonde horse

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