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Worth The Wait

Many of you know that the Outer Banks of North Carolina closed their doors to visitors about two months ago due to the corona virus.

It has been nine weeks…NINE weeks….since we’ve been to Carova to see ‘my’ wild horses.

That restriction was lifted Friday night/Saturday morning at midnight. So guess where our day trip took us yesterday?

When we left home, our skies were bright and sunny. When we got to Carova,  it was pea-soup foggy.

There were lots of folks on the beach, some even in swimwear. But with a temperature around 62, and this fog, they weren’t there to sunbathe, nor to take in the view.

But, we soon found horses on the beach. That’s what WE came to see.

We had to celebrate by taking our picture with them in the background.

Beach hair: don’t care!

And….then….what’s this up ahead in the fog??

EEEEKKK! We just happened upon the third and youngest (thus far) baby born this season.  Meet Amelia and her mom. Amelia was born April 24, making her just a little over three weeks old.

I won’t say how many photos I took of this sweet baby, who was definitely feeling her oats.

And yes, I’m going to share several of them with you.

As soon as we spotted her, Motor Man pulled over at a very safe distance from the two of them and shut off our vehicle. I’m so thankful for a zoom lens on our camera.

And he patiently waited while I oohed, aahed and took picture after picture. We had them all to ourselves, other than the folks who arrived at the cottage beside where we’d stopped.

I was so disappointed to discover that this next picture is slightly blurred. It was my favorite of all I took of her.

And I was even able to get a couple of videos. This first one is so sweet of Amelia, Mom, and a cattle egret. I love how Amelia is nudging up against Mom, then takes off for a quick run.


And this next video is of her running laps around Mom. Sound up to hear her cute little whinny.  Motor Man said she looks more like a race horse than a Corolla mustang. (The horn beep you hear is that of the folks who arrived at the cottage locking their vehicle.)


So, we had a wonderful trip, and seeing this baby made waiting those long nine weeks to get back to the beach worth it.  Well, almost.

~These Days Of Mine~




One Word Wednesday: Soon


~These Days Of Mine~



Keeping Our Distance…

….from everyone else, but not each other….

Yesterday, Motor Man and I took a drive to Mathews, Virginia, located on the Chesapeake Bay, about an hour from us.

Motor Man has shared with me before that, when he was 14 years old, his parents looked to buy this house and property, located in Mathews.

Then, with his wonderful sense of humor, referring to how things don’t seem to change much in that area, he adds: “If we had moved there, I’d probably still be 14.”

We had our tripod, so we stopped to take pictures with the New Point Comfort Lighthouse in the background.

Need I add that the wind was gusting quite strongly?

Bay hair: don’t care

Marshall had told me years ago about a haunted wooded area near Mathews, so Motor Man and I sought out that little country road.

Hmmmm….glad it wasn’t nighttime.

It was a beautiful day for a drive, prior to possibly severe storms predicted for today.

~These Days Of Mine~

From A Distance

So much has changed in our lives in the past few weeks. I’ve read that we should practice “physical distancing”, rather than “social distancing”, because we need to still have our friends and family (our support system) in our lives.

My friend, Donna, and I arranged to meet at a nearby state park on Friday. She brought a 6-ft long section of PVC pipe, so we could gauge how far we needed to be from each other.

I believe it’s the first time we haven’t greeted each other with a hug.

We walked along the banks of the James River and took pictures of the huge cypress tree root systems.

We couldn’t help but mention all the world events these trees have ‘witnessed’. Even more meaningful when you consider that this area is directly across the river from Jamestown Settlement, a distance of about four miles.

We brought a picnic to share after our walk on the beach….vintage tablecloths, picnic basket…

and our 6-ft long measuring stick.

picture taken with a timer on the camera

This is quite a different type of selfie for us.

And later in the day, we learned that a few hours after we left, the picnic shelter was officially closed to the public.

As we were leaving the park, we stopped to visit with the two resident donkeys. They don’t require a distance of 6-feet.

We were happy to devise a way to spend some time together, while still being in compliance.  There may not have been our usual hugs and selfies, but the girl talk and laughter was in abundance.

Stay well, everyone.

~These Days of Mine~


Fun: From A Distance

So, how is your social distancing coming along?

As you know, Motor Man and I normally take a day trip to Carova, NC most weekends. However, the Outer Banks has a visitor restriction right now (understandably so: their medical facilities are somewhat limited). So we decided to ride to the Northern Neck area of Virginia.

And along the way, we found some fun while avoiding contact with anyone else. We saw this old building, and stopped to investigate. It’s an old jail, built in the early 1800’s, located in Lancaster, Virginia.

On the same property was a wonderful old red barn, so we took the opportunity for a picture. Once again, we hadn’t thought to bring our tripod, so we placed the camera on a fence post, and I rushed to join Motor Man before shutter clicked.

A little further along, we passed this beautiful old home. The sign in front said: “Woodlawn, 1750”.

A better view of the side and an outbuilding.

And to my delight, we saw something quite rare (for us anyway). Motor Man had seen a road sign alerting motorists to ‘horse and carriages’ in the area, so we assumed there might be Amish nearby.

As we drove along, we saw someone riding a horse on the shoulder of the highway. Since this is most unusual, Motor Man made a u-turn, so I could take pictures.

When I saw the way this young man was dressed, I realized that he was, indeed, Amish.

We pulled over at a safe location, thinking he might ride right by us. But, just before he reached us, he made a turn.

I LOVE this picture. The horse obviously realized that he was on the home stretch, and I love that the young man is adjusting his hat. (In a perfect world, the house wouldn’t be there, and I wouldn’t have needed to do a little less-than-ideal photo editing.)

Obviously the two of them were getting ready for the ride down this long lane.

What fun did you discover this weekend?

~These Days Of Mine~








Delayed Celebration

You may recall my post from last month about our failed plans for a sleigh ride to celebrate our anniversary.

On Friday of last week, we learned that Snowshoe, the area where the sleigh rides are, had a 10-inch snowfall overnight Thursday. So my Motor Man, who has to be the most spontaneous person I know, decided we’d try for a sleigh ride this past weekend.

And this time, we were successful.  Although we saw no snow as we neared the ski resort, once we got there, there was SNOW. We were amazed at the view of the mountains. The flocked trees seemed to be highlighted.

We felt like we were right in the middle of a Christmas card setting.

It was nice to see Peggy and Skip, the owners of Autumn Breeze Stables again. (We had taken a sleigh ride with them last year.)

Just as last year, Flash would be the horse pulling our sleigh. He posed with us right on cue.

It was a chilly, but beautiful morning for a sleigh ride. Skip told us that within a few hours, the conditions wouldn’t be favorable for rides, as the temperatures were expected to rise well above freezing.

Skip took this video during our ride, and shared it on their Facebook page.


Celebrating in such a fun, beautiful way was definitely worth the wait.

~These Days Of Mine~

Anniversary Adventures

Those of you who read yesterday’s blog post will recall that it was Motor Man’s and my anniversary. In recent years, it’s become a tradition that we go for a sleigh ride around this time of year to celebrate.

We hadn’t really discussed it prior to Saturday, when Motor Man suggested we attempt to book a sleigh ride at Snowshoe, a ski resort in West Virginia. That’s where we went last year on our anniversary.  We weren’t able to contact the stable on Saturday, but left a message. And we decided to drive to Staunton, Virginia (about halfway) and spend Saturday night there.

Sunday morning, we continued on to Snowshoe.  Along the way, we saw a gorgeous overlook, so we pulled over to take pictures.

We had forgotten to bring the tripod, so we had to improvise.  (Remember that: it will be important later in this post.)

We continued on our way to Snowshoe, and Motor Man stopped for me to take this picture.  The setting reminded me a little of a nativity scene.

There was very little snow….until we reached the ski resort.

The roads were completely passable, but the trees looked to be from a Christmas card.

Due to some miscommunication, we weren’t able to go on a sleigh ride. But we were still having a fun day.

Until…..we realized that Motor Man’s cell phone was missing.

We looked all inside the vehicle, under the seats, between the seats, in my purse, his jean pockets, my jean pockets, his coat pockets, my coat pockets….you get the idea.  I had absolutely NO cell phone service, so I couldn’t call his phone to listen for the ring.

Motor Man wasn’t upset about it, although he hated the thought of losing all his contacts. I was more worried about the phone than he was.

The last place we remembered having it was at that overlook.  When we were there, he had the idea to use his cell phone, placed on its side on that stone wall, to angle the front of the camera when we took our picture.  (That didn’t work, but we knew there was a possibility that’s where we’d left his phone.)

But….. had someone picked it up?  Perhaps not to take it, but just to try to find the owner.  My number is in his phone as an emergency contact, but with no cell service, any call attempted to be made to me wouldn’t have come through.

The overlook was nearly two hours from Snowshoe….a LONG two hours when you’re trying to get there to look for your phone.

See that tiny black thing to the front of the stone wall?

Motor Man’s phone.   Just waiting for us to return. Waiting there for nearly four hours.

I think that was the best anniversary present I could have received. At that point, even better than a sleigh ride.

~These Days Of Mine~