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Random Five Friday

Closing out the week with some randomness:

1.) Motor Man and I took a quick day trip to the Carova area of the Outer Banks earlier this week.  We actually lost count of how many horses we saw ON. THE. BEACH. The flies were bothersome, and when that happens, the horses head to the water’s edge for relief.  And because so many harems were in the same location, there was lots of action among the stallions.

2.) For the past few weeks, I’ve been fighting what I thought was tendonitis in my foot. An urgent care visit last week, along with a week’s regimen of prednisone, icing, and compressing provided no relief. So yesterday, I saw my podiatrist. After an x-ray, which showed no fractures, he diagnosed severe inflammation. An ouchie cortisone shot followed, and now I’m in a surgical boot until there’s some relief.  But….the squirrel bird feeders were empty, so… (And, yes, Motor Man would gladly have filled them for me, but I’m a bit on the stubborn side.)

3.) It seems I now have a pet crow.  He sits on this almost-too-small perch and caws at me while I’m in the yard.

4.) I thought this was an interesting shot.  As you may recall reading here before, Gypsy loves playing in her water bowl.  I’m not sure the reason why. Earlier this week, she jumped up in my lap immediately after some water-play. You just gotta love the durability of denim.

5.) This Sunday is our annual memorial day service at the “Old Brick Church” Cemetery in Bacon’s Castle. It’s a tradition that began LONG before my time. Weather permitting, the service is held outside near the ruins of the old church c. 1639. At this time, it’s looking as though, this year, we’ll be having it inside at a nearby church.

Enjoy your weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~


Random Five Friday

As they all seem to do, this week has flown by, and it’s time again for five randoms.

1.) Last weekend, my friend, Donna, and I celebrated Cinco De Mayo while atttending our local Vintage Market. We had a great time, got lots of comments on our sombreros and found a few neat items at the market. Afterward, a visit to a couple of shops on our Main Street and lunch.

2.) In our travels, we passed by this alpaca farm, and had to stop for pictures. We thought the field of buttercups made for an especially nice photo op.

3.) Late yesterday afternoon, a strong storm moved through our area. This is a column of rain off to our west right around the time of sunset.

4.) And the storm snapped a tree in our yard. So thankful it didn’t damage our house or our neighbors’.

5.) Motor Man and I plan to attend a funeral this afternoon for a hometown girl who was just a few years older than me. My mom babysat her boys when they were toddlers (back in the mid-late 1960’s). I have many fond memories of those days when I was a teenager and helped my mom entertain those little curly-haired boys. My heart is heavy for them as they grieve the loss of their mom, especially sad so close to Mothers Day.

And speaking of Mothers Day, Sunday will be an emotional day for many: those whose mothers have passed on (recently for Motor Man’s family, as well as Marshall’s father’s family), those who wanted to become mothers but didn’t for various reasons,  those who didn’t have loving mothers, those mothers who have lost children,.  If you fall into one of those categories, I wish you the strength to get through the day. For those of you who still have your mom and/or your own children to help you celebrate, enjoy your day.

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Random Five Friday

Five random thoughts to start of the month of May:

1.) Remember the carved LOVE sign that Motor Man and I happened upon a few weeks ago?  We now know its permanent location. It was placed near the Chesapeake, Virginia courthouse. Motor Man was watching a local tv station recently and caught a glimpse of it just before a commercial break. So I contacted the station to ask the location. Of course, we had to stop for a visit the next time we were in the area. We didn’t have the tripod with us, and no one else was around, so we did the next best thing…

…took pictures of each other. (I love this one of my Motor Man).

2.) Earlier in the week, one of the “duck couples” who frequents our yard brought us a surprise: 12 adorable ducklings. Sadly, a couple of days later, the parents returned with only four. And the past couple of days, the adults have visited…with no babies. There are just two many predators for those sweet little ones to survive.

3.) Plant shopping for the season has begun. I always forget what a chore it is to keep everything watered when the heat of summer arrives. Earlier this week, I discovered this beautiful petunia; I’ve never seen the variegated foliage variety.

4.) Last weekend, Motor Man and I attended a multi-year class reunion for the school I attended. There were probably around 200 people there, and it was really a fun time. Next month, we plan to attend a reunion for his class.

5.) This weekend, there’s a HUGE vintage market just outside of town.  My friend, Donna, and are planning to attend. We love shopping for vintage treasures, and the weather looks to be perfect.

Happy first weekend of May!

~These Days Of Mine~



“A Mother’s Love”

As promised in last Friday’s Random Five Friday’s post, today I’m sharing exciting news about my friend, Matthew.

If you aren’t familiar with  Matthew, please read this post for some background.

Last week, I received a Facebook message from Mary, Matthew’s mom. In it, she shared this photo with me:

This was her message that accompanied the photo:

The beautiful mom and baby horse drawing that you saw in December won honorable mention in the international disabled artist competition in Minneapolis, Minnesota this week. There are 6 art categories with 1st – 3rd place and honorable mention. So 4 awards in each category. There was also a grand prize winner tonight. Out of 165 entries, Matthew won one of the 25 awards. I am so glad that you were able to see the drawing in person in December as it also sold in the 1st forty minutes of the show tonight. He says you can share this victory on your blog if you would like.

Matthew titled his sketch “A Mother’s Love”.

Mary also mentioned that this is the first ribbon that Matthew has ever won.

Wow. As I’ve said before, I am so honored that Matthew is inspired by my photos. Among other’s, he’s sketched a bluebird, Sundae and many of the wild horses from my pictures.

And, now, here’s the picture that inspired Matthew’s sketch shown above.

This was taken September 10, 2015.  Our friend, Bev, had ridden to the beach with us to see the wild horses. I remember Motor Man and her being so patient as we waited….and waited…and waited for the horses to move into position for me to get the “perfect” shot of this sweet scene.

AND….this picture was one chosen in the Corolla Wild Horse Fund calendar contest and appeared in the 2017 calendar.

So, I have been doubly honored by this photo.

Congratulations, Matthew. I am so proud of your accomplishments!

~These Days Of Mine~



An Equine Welcome

Since it’s been quite a long “dry” spell for us recently as far as seeing Corolla Wild Horses, I found some special local horses to photograph.

My cousin, Betty, lives about two miles from us…..or a quarter mile “as the crow flies”. Last Saturday, I went for a visit.

I was greeted by her horses as I drove down the lane.

Welcoming committee: Little Bit and Star

I was thankful that my camera was within reach, and just kept snapping pictures. (You do know that I have some experience taking pictures of horses….)

Once they decided that a): I was family, and b): I had no treats, they decided to let me pass and roamed back out into the pasture.

They were soon joined by Breeze (left)  and Azalea .  When Azalea was born several years ago, Betty asked our eldest aunt, Mattie, to name her.  Mattie, as was most of that family, was an avid gardener, so Azalea was the name she chose.

I just couldn’t stop taking pictures: gorgeous day and beautiful horses.

Finally, I put down the camera and continued my drive.

As usual, Betty and I had a wonderful visit.  And next time, I’ll pack treats for the welcoming committee.

~These Days Of Mine~





Sunday: Stuck And In “Love”

When Motor Man and I learned that last Sunday was to be a pretty day, we decided to ride to the Outer Banks. (No surprise, there, right?)

This was our second trip in a row with no wild horse sightings. In the pocket of my door in our Tahoe, I keep a calendar where I jot down the number of horses we see on each trip, along with any other interesting facts of the day.  I’ve been doing that ever since we started our “horse journeys”.  Looking back in those calendars, it seems that we routinely see fewer horses in March and April than other months.

But it was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed our day at the beach.


We were attempting to cross over one of the dunes by way of the “exit”. But it’s tricky in that you really can’t see over the dune as you’re approaching the top. When we reached the top, Motor Man stopped just to be sure: 1) we weren’t meeting another vehicle head-on, or 2) there wasn’t a horse standing in the middle of the “road”, or 3) there wasn’t a dramatic drop-off. And when we stopped, we were stuck.

Please note that the top of the black “running board” under the door is normally 14 inches above the ground (I measured when we got home).

When we first began our trips to the 4-wheel-drive beach, we made sure we had a battery jump box, a tow strap and a collapsible camping shovel. That little shovel saved the day on Sunday. Motor Man dug out behind all four tires, put the Tahoe in reverse and backed down the dune. Whew. That’s the first time we’ve ever been stuck on the beach… and hopefully the last.

The remainder of our time there was uneventful.

On the way home, we passed by a wood-carving business. Motor Man and I stopped there a few years ago to watch the owner as he was using a chain saw to carve a “statue”.  But Sunday, something really special caught my eye as we drove by, and it was worth a turn-around.

We’ve seen several of these “love signs” in Virginia. Since our state motto is “Virginia Is For Lovers”, they are several all around our state. But this was in North Carolina. We don’t know if it’s going to be a permanent fixture there at this business, or if someone commissioned the owner to make it for them.

In the past, we’ve had our picture taken at each of the LOVE signs we’ve seen. But there wasn’t anyone else nearby when we stopped, and we didn’t have our tripod.

Motor Man to the rescue for the second time that day. He spotted this and decided it would be perfect to place our camera on for a picture.

And it worked. (There was some “stuff” in the background, so I tried to camouflage that a bit for our official photo.)

Another day: another adventure.

~These Days Of Mine~




Oh, The Memories

Next month, a multi-year class reunion for the school I attended is planned. I was asked to serve on the planning committee.  My main responsibilities were contacting the members of my class with the initial information a few months ago and determining if they would be interested in attending. For those who replied favorably, I recently sent out actual RSVP’s.  It looks to be a well-attended event.

The reunion is being held in a building where many of us attended school. It was built in the early 1900’s and now serves as a town hall.

The planning committee met at the school a couple of weeks ago.

I attended school here for my 8th, 9th and 10th grades. As I walked up the sidewalk toward the front door, my first memory was that of taking PE (actually just doing calisthenics) in the front yard.

Stepping inside the building (for the first time since 1969), I was immediately struck by how much smaller the hallway seemed….same for the auditorium.

In those days, it seemed massive….now, it’s just a large room.

We were allowed to “tour” the entire building, although much of it is unused at this time.  Each room brought back memories.

Mr. Brown was my history teacher in this room, now being used for storage.

This was the classroom where I took French with Mrs. Seward.  “Tres bien” (very good) was a phrase we always loved to hear her say.

There were several classrooms in the basement, which we nicknamed “the dungeon”.  As you can see, the basement has not been renovated. This was the room where I took home ec. My main memory of that class was sewing a zipper in a dress for an exam. I sewed the front and back of the bodice together…..oops.

Stepping in the library brought back immediate memories of study halls. It’s been renovated since our school days and is now a much more open space.

One day, I fell down the bottom three or four steps of the staircase to the right.  I wasn’t injured, but the hallway (much “larger” then, remember) was full of other students. When I landed on the floor, I thought: “If I just lie here for a few minutes, perhaps they’ll think I’m hurt and they won’t laugh quite as much.”

But perhaps this next picture was my favorite from that evening. This is the upstairs hallway, looking toward the front of the school.  The little red building you can see through the windows is actually across the street.  It was our “lunchroom”, which consisted of snacks, candy, soft drinks….and Stewart Sandwiches.

We enjoyed walking through the building with others on the committee and sharing our memories of the different rooms.

There’ll be folks at the reunion we haven’t seen in years, music from that era, food, pictures and lots of memories shared.  It should be a fun evening.

~These Days Of Mine~