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The “Moonshine” House

During our trip to the mountains last weekend, we drove by this old ramshackle house.

old house vignette 10-27-2013 1-23-58 AM

We passed through this same area last year on our annual fall foliage trip. Marshall was with us then, and we both caught a glimpse of the house and noticed that clothes were hanging on a clothesline all along the porch.

A few miles later, we stopped at an antique shop. While there, Marshall recognized a print for sale of the old house….. with clothes hanging on the line. He inquired about the print, and was told that local legend has it that if clothes are hanging on the line, there’s moonshine available for sale.

No clothes were on the line last weekend;  but I couldn’t help but wonder if there’s a hidden meaning to smoke from the chimney? Nah, probably just trying to warm that old house.

~These Days Of Mine~

Gypsy’s Heading To The V-E-T

Today is an important day for Gypsy, our shop kitty. Of course, she doesn’t know it yet, but bright and early this morning, we’ll be taking her to the vet for her girl-kitty surgery.

She’s approximately four months old now and weighs almost five pounds. These pictures will give you an idea of how much she’s grown in the last couple of months. The first one was taken August 23,  four days after she found us.

kitty keen in my chair 8-23-2013 9-38-02 AM

This was taken yesterday.

gypsy in chair 10-29 10-29-2013 7-37-32 PM

It’s going to be a long day at the office today without her. I don’t know who’ll miss her more, Motor Man….

gypsy and jr1 9-8-2013 4-04-51 PM 9-8-2013 4-04-51 PM

…or me.

gyp and db 10-29-2013 6-44-08 AM

We should be able to pick her up between 4:30 and 5:30.  We’ll be watching the clock…

These Barns: An Imposter

Motor Man and I took a day trip to the mountains this weekend. One of our race engine customers is from Dayton, (near Harrisonburg) Va., and had told me some time ago that the area is a barn lover’s paradise. (Thanks again, Jeremy!)

I spotted this, and Motor Man pulled over immediately.

mill1 10-26-2013 10-56-18 PM

It certainly looked like a barn. Since it was situated just off a tiny little country road, I got out of the vehicle, while Motor Man turned around in the adjacent vacant lot.

mill2 10-26-2013 10-53-45 PM

Before he pulled back onto the road, he called me over and told me to look around behind the building.

mill3 10-26-2013 10-54-46 PM

Obviously, this wasn’t a barn, but an old mill. And we noticed new windows have been installed, and it appears some power washing has been done to the front of the building.

This barn imposter is getting a facelift!

Misty Morning Fog

Saturday morning was a beautiful, foggy autumn morning. Motor Man and I were up early, so we drove all around our little part of the country. Believe it or not, I took a few pictures.

This was taken just before sunrise from the bridge in the nearby little waterfront village of Rescue.

fog at rescue bridge 10-25-2013 7-19-32 PM

Once we crossed the bridge, Motor Man turned around, so I could get pictures from the other side.

sunrise from the bridge 10-25-2013 7-21-40 PM

I can usually count on the scene from this little bridge, which crosses Jones Creek, to be picturesque.

workboats1 10-25-2013 7-23-10 PM

Leaving Rescue, heading home, we pass through Battery Park, another tiny waterfront village.  This buoy marker, just off shore, is in the Pagan River.

buoy marker 10-25-2013 7-27-04 PM

And, as is usually the case, the best view of all is the one from home.

foggy marina 10-25-2013 7-34-00 PM

~The End.~

Busy And Fun….But Bloggable?

Ever since I began blogging three years ago, These Days has been an important part of my life. I’m constantly on the look-out for things to photograph and share with my readers. (Motor Man and Marshall are quick to recognize and suggest an opportunity too.)

But, recently, I’ve been struggling to think of blog topics.

bride swan1 9-14-2013 7-10-55 AM

Oh, our everyday lives are as happy and busy as ever.

bride swan2 9-14-2013 7-10-59 AM

But there just doesn’t seem to be anything happening that’s interesting enough to build a blog post around. Perhaps all bloggers hit a “dry spell” occasionally. This has always been fun, and  I just don’t want it to become a chore.

bride swan3 9-14-2013 7-12-06 AM

I’m still planning to continue to post daily, but if I should skip a day once in awhile, there’s no cause for alarm.

bride swan4 9-14-2013 7-12-09 AM

I just don’t want you to be bored when you stop by for a visit.

Happy Weekend! (Now we‘re out to find something bloggable this weekend!)

Rose’s Ring

Today, I’m participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. The prompt I chose is this:

1.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: ring.

It was the spring of 1969. I was a teenager, interested in all the things teenage girls are interested in: boys, clothes, boys, jewelry, boys….

My sister, Rose, was 30-ish, having been a teenager when I was born.

rose and dianne 10-24-2013 6-27-53 AM

This was taken in 1968.
Too bad the photo is damaged with age.

That spring, she loaned me her birthstone (emerald) ring to wear. Its financial value probably wasn’t all that great, but it was a treasure to me.

The evening of April 15, I happened to notice that the middle stone was missing. I told Mom that I was afraid Rose would be so upset with me for losing a stone out of her ring.

Later that night, we received word that Rose had been murdered by her estranged husband. (Oddly enough,  I noticed the missing stone right around the time of her murder. Since she lived out of the area, it was a few hours before we were notified.)

A few days later, my Mom made the observation that it was the night Rose was killed that we discovered the middle stone was gone from her ring. And Rose was Mama’s “middle” daughter.

ring 10-23-2013 8-48-54 AM

While I was taking pictures of it for this post, I tried it on for the first time in many, many years.

hand 10-23-2013 8-50-40 AM

Replace the stone? Never.

Mama’s Losin’ It

A Fall Day On The OBX

Recently, Motor Man and I made a quick, one-day trip to the Outer Banks.

Although I always love taking pictures, this was one of those days custom-made for photography.

clouds 9-26-2013 1-42-33 PM

There were a few horses on the beach.

horses and fisherman 9-26-2013 1-13-38 PM

Oops! One more – running to catch up to the others.

horse1 9-26-2013 1-12-22 PM

Disclaimer: these pictures were taken with my “long” lens, and then cropped.

horse 2 9-26-2013 1-12-23 PM

It’s sort of the reverse of what’s written on rear view mirrors:

horse3 9-26-2013 1-17-29 PM

…”objects seen here appear closer than they really are”.