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The “Moonshine” House

During our trip to the mountains last weekend, we drove by this old ramshackle house.

old house vignette 10-27-2013 1-23-58 AM

We passed through this same area last year on our annual fall foliage trip. Marshall was with us then, and we both caught a glimpse of the house and noticed that clothes were hanging on a clothesline all along the porch.

A few miles later, we stopped at an antique shop. While there, Marshall recognized a print for sale of the old house….. with clothes hanging on the line. He inquired about the print, and was told that local legend has it that if clothes are hanging on the line, there’s moonshine available for sale.

No clothes were on the line last weekend;  but I couldn’t help but wonder if there’s a hidden meaning to smoke from the chimney? Nah, probably just trying to warm that old house.

~These Days Of Mine~