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Monday Morning Mews: Invasion Of Privacy

Hello, readers, and welcome to the month of April! I’m an indoor kitty, so the weather doesn’t really matter to me, but my pawrents say they sure are ready for some spring-like temperatures.

Now, onto this week’s mews: I can’t help but wonder what life was like before everyone carried a cell phone with a built-in camera.

A kitty can’t even enjoy a good old ‘swallow-the-earth’ yawn in her own bed without it being recorded for posterity.

Yes, I should be very embarrassed, but my sweet Motor Man took this picture, so in that case, it’s okay. You do know he just could be my furry favorite purrson……

((But don’t tell Motor Mommy, ’cause she makes sure I have food and fresh water and changes my litter box.)

~These Days Of Mine~


Monday Morning Mews: Gypsy’s Got Talent

Happy Monday, readers! Gypsy here with today’s post.

If my pawrents had any doubt that I have talent, that all changed last week. While they were busy at their desks working, I was over in one of the office chairs that I have officially claimed for my own. Later, Motor Mommy said that she knew I was over there pawing at Motor Man’s two work shirts that were on the chair. I have also claimed those as mine.

When Motor Mommy glanced over, this is what she saw:

She couldn’t figure out how I had managed to get UNDER one of those shirts. All. By. Myself.

A few minutes later (after she’d gone back to her work), she looked to find that I had actually turned myself around and gotten even further under the shirt, pulling it off the back of the chair.

Then I decided that things were a bit TOO warm in my little cocoon, so I opted to lie on TOP of the shirts.

The next day, I was once again lying on one of the shirts, and Motor Man thought it would be cute to cover me with the other one.

I was not amused.

(But then, neither are my pawrents when I use that really nice leather chair for my scratching post.)

As a matter of fact, yes, I DO have free run of that office.  Why do you ask?

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews: Paperwork

Good morning, readers! Gypsy here, and it’s my turn to bring you the Mews this week.

Motor Mommy has been very busy working on all the tax paperwork to take to the CPA’s office.

AND….I’ve been helping!

What’s that?  You say that I’m really not helping?  Well, now that you mention it, she DID need that file folder upon which which I was sitting.

And after she snapped my picture, I decided to slowly move to the other side of her desk.

So, I really did help.  Eventually. But that’s just how we felines roll.

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews: A Troubling E-mail

Hello, blog readers! This is Gypsy, and on today’s Monday Morning Mews, I have an upsetting email to share with you.

First of all, I’ve been exposed to a computer ever since I was a very young kitty and came to live at my pawrents’ shop.

I’ve helped Motor Man with plenty of research on horsepower.

And I love checking out one of my favorite blogs. It started out as ‘One Spoiled Cat’ and was written by my good friend, Sammy.  When Sammy went to Rainbow Bridge, he continued writing a bit. His pawrents adopted  a new ginger kitty named Teddy, and now he writes many of the posts.  Their mommy, Miss Pam, changed the name of the blog to ‘Two Spoiled Cats‘. You should check it out!

Now….Motor Mommy doesn’t know this, but I recently figured out to log on to her email account when she wasn’t at work. And I wish I hadn’t, because I saw THIS:

Hello Dianna!

We wanted to send you a friendly reminder because our records indicate that Gypsy is due for the following services and items:

Date Due Services and Items for Gypsy
Mar 9, 2018 FECAL EXAM
Mar 9, 2018 RABIES FEL 1YR

Hmmmm…. I have a very strong feeling that there is some poking, prodding and needle sticks in my immediate future.

But, my vet is a super nice lady who tells me what a pretty girl I am, so it won’t be TOO bad.

And, Motor Mommy, purrhaps you should change your password…..

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews: “Chaos”

Hello, efurryone! Gypsy here with the mews today.

It was a really interesting week around our shop.

Someone replaced a couple of fluorescent light bulbs in our office early in the week.  The cover is one that’s hinged on one side and opens on the other. Later in the day, while my pawrents were out running an errand, the cover fell open.  It scared me SO badly that, when my pawrents got back, I was hiding under a desk.  It took a while for me to regain my composure, which as you know, is very impawtant for us kitties.

THEN, Motor Man needed to do some work: he needed to “CC a cylinder head”.   It was very cold out in the shop, so he put the head on a big rolling cart and brought it in the my office where it was nice and warm.  That was quite a shock to me- having that strange THING in my space, but before long, I jumped up on one of the shelves to investigate. I also watched closely as he worked on the cylinder head.

All passed my inspection, and once Motor Man finished his work,  he moved the cart back out into the shop.

Whew! So maybe “chaos” was a little too strong a word, but I do hope this week is a quieter one at my office. I’m simply not accustomed to all this STUFF happening.

~These Days Of Mine~



Monday Morning Mews: What I Do Best

Hello, efurryone! Gypsy here with this week’s mews.

Recently, Motor Man has been in need of some de-stressing.  You may not know it, but that’s exactly what some kitties (including me) do best.

When I know that Motor Man needs me, I jump up on his desk, go over and sit by his phone and stare at the wall. That’s my signal for him to pick me up and hold me.  Once in a while I do this when Motor Mommy is there at the shop with us, but most of the time, it’s when Motor Man and I are there alone.

Oh, and notice the back of the chair behind Motor Man’s head?  Yep, that’s something else I do pretty well, too. Even though I have two scratching posts, sadly, I prefer to use the office furniture.

Sometimes, along with the good comes a little “bad”.

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews: It’s A Box!

Hi, efurryone! It’s Gypsy here, and I have a fun Monday Morning Mews for you.

My pawrents always have a huge wall calendar in our office, one of those that shows the entire year.  When the 2018 calendar arrived a couple of weeks ago, Motor Mommy put the empty box on the floor, just to see if I would notice.

Then she took this video of me. It starts off a little shaky, but improves after a few seconds. Motor Mommy thought we shouldn’t edit out the shaky part, because she wanted you to see me pushing the box across the floor.


Did you see me jump just a little when my nose touched the file cabinet?  A little electrical shock there; that’s what happens when you play on the carpet and then touch metal.

So, what do you think? Did I do a good job inspecting that box?  I still don’t understand why I couldn’t fit inside it. They obviously just made it too small.

~These Days Of Mine~