The Music Of My Life…Is Back

From my earliest memories, there was music in our home. I’ve mentioned before that my sisters were fifteen and sixteen when I was born. So I was familiar with rock and roll from a very young age.

I recall attending an Elvis movie with my mom and sister, Rose, when I was still young enough that I wanted to take my doll baby with me.  Rose was horrified, but mom convinced her that having your little sister take a doll to an Elvis movie was not the end of the world.

the era of the doll/Elvis movie incident

Looking back, I really don’t think I discovered music when I became a teenager, as most young people do. I just gradually “morphed” from my sisters’ music (Elvis, Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers, Gene Pitney) to MY music (The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Grass Roots, Neil Diamond, Creedence).

The radio station that EVERYONE listened to in our area was 1310-AM WGH (World’s Greatest Harbor).  The station first signed on in 1928, thus the three call letters as opposed to the four now required. In the 1950’s, WGH began playing Top 40 music. Of course, when evenings came, the signal diminished to the point that we couldn’t pick up it up in our rural area. Then we’d have to switch to an out-of-state station to listen to our music.

For Christmas one year when I was a young teen, I received a transistor radio. I’m sure my mom tired of buying batteries for it. But what a joy it was to carry my music with me, and especially to listen to one of those out-of-state stations at night on that little radio stashed under my pillow.

My 15-year old self with niece, Barb

During the Thanksgiving season, the station held a contest: when you heard the sound of the turkey gobble, you called the station. If you were the correct number caller, you would win a prize. One year (after I was out of school and working at my first job), I won a Paul Anka record album.  I was thrilled, especially since he had previously written and recorded the song, Diana.  And I forgave him for the misspelling. (Just kidding: for those of you reading my blog for the first time, my name is spelled Dianna.)

Graduated, working and my first car

I’m not really sure when WGH changed its format, but at some point, we began listening to other radio stations.

For a while, there was a station that would play the “oldies”: the music we listened to during our teen years. But in recent years, we had to be content with a few of those mixed in among current songs. I’ve admitted here before that I’m a music snob: preferring that from the 50’s, 60’s, and the first few years of the 70’s.

Last Friday morning, I logged onto Facebook, and discovered to my delight that WGH had changed its format and was once again playing the music I loved.  What a surprise:  our beloved WGH is back.

Driving is fun again because the “music of my life” is on the radios in our vehicles. There’s also a live stream, so I can listen on the computers at our shop AND at home. That means there’s no problem when the sun goes down and the signal weakens.   My son, Marshall, (also a music snob fan of  the oldies) commented last weekend that he can’t remember the last time we actually looked forward to the next song on the radio.

On Monday afternoon, a small group of followers of the WGH Facebook page met in the parking lot at the site of the station’s studios “back in the day”. Motor Man and I attended. Someone brought a boom box, and we all played a very informal game of “Name That Tune”.

Enjoying my music again

At the current time, there are no deejays, but we’re told that will come in the future. There are already over 1,000 songs in their treasury, also with more to come.

And if you’re a fan of “my” kinda music, here’s the link to the live stream, so you can enjoy it too:

In addition to that wonderful music, there are also vintage commercials and WGH jingles. We’re all teenagers again!

I just may have to find a vintage transistor radio. Wonder if Motor Man would mind one under my pillow?

~These Days Of Mine~




Monday Morning Mews

Good morning, readers! Sundae here. It’s my turn to post today, but since I’ve led a rather uneventful life recently (and that’s a good thing), I’ve asked Motor Mommy to help me out this morning.   We have quite a few new readers,  so she’s going to share a kitty-related post she wrote some time ago. Enjoy!

Today’s post is inspired by this flag that I bought recently at the shop owned by Marshall and his dad. (Marshall recommended it; he knew I’d like it.)

9 cats one

So I began thinking of some of the cats that have owned me through the years. Believe me, there have been many more than nine.

One of the first cats I remember was Muffin (Muff, for short). Muff was a soft, long-haired muted brown cat. I remember her being very sweet and gentle.  And Mom seemed to like her more than some of my other cats. Sadly, Muff was lying in a pile of leaves in our driveway one day when we came home, and my Mom didn’t see her.  Mom and I were both heartbroken.

Another cat from my childhood was a short-haired white cat, named Lace. One day, probably because I pleaded and begged, Mom agreed that we could take Lace on a car ride with us to my sister’s house, about 20 miles away. Lace didn’t care much for the ride.  She. Was. Distraught. She meowed and paced all over the car, including on top of my Mom’s head – while she was driving. I’m pretty sure that was Lace’s only car trip.

Before Marshall was born, his dad and I had two cats: a gray and white one, named Hot Dog (after Dennis the Menace’s cat), and a black cat named Mr. Poovie. Remember the old Gomer Pyle show? Gomer’s girlfriend was Lou Anne Poovie. One day, we were watching that show, and Gomer was calling after Lou Anne’s dad: “Mr. Poovie! Mr. Poovie!”.  And, sometimes, that’s how you select a cat’s name.

Also before Marshall was born, his dad and I had been to see the movie, Smokey And The Bandit when it was showing in theaters. When we came home, there was a little gray tabby kittten on our front porch. Of course, we named him Bandit, and he was with us for about seven years, including Marshall’s early childhood. (Click to enlarge)

Later, Miss Piggy, who belonged to a neighbor, decided she’d rather live with us. (No, we did NOT name her.) Soon, she presented us with two kittens, Callie and Stormy.

miss piggy

Of course, you know about my late kitty, Beezy, my feline soul mate.

db and beezy 5-5-2007 6-20-18 PM

And, our current kitty, this little scamp.

sundae curled

So, you see, I’m more than qualified to have that 9 cats garden flag.

Today’s edit:  Since this post was published on May 24, 2013, Motor Man and I have been adopted by Gypsy.

 And Marshall has three kitties: Snugg, Chessie and Screamer.  Snugg and Chessie are pictured here.

And here’s Chessie and Screamer.

Sundae hopes you’ve enjoyed this little “rerun”, and she’ll try to have something NEW to share for her next Monday Morning Mews.

~These Days Of Mine~

The Morning Paper

Some folks train their dog to fetch the morning paper….

~These Days Of Mine~

If You Don’t Like Horses…

…then, you may as well move along.  Nothing to see here today but horses.

Yes, today, I’m sharing pictures from our most recent trip to the Outer Banks. I seem to say this a lot about our trips there, but it was a gorgeous day: temps on the beach were upper 70’s to 80 while we were there, a breeze off the ocean, just a perfect windows-down-arm-out-the-window kinda day.

And the fact that we saw 51 horses was a nice bonus.

I’m thinking this might be a future calendar entry.

Mmmmm….yummy sea oats.

And I also liked this one.

And this one:

But, by far, the highlight of the day was seeing the newest member of the herd: a filly, born just one week ago.

When I first spotted her, she was lying down.   We were stopped a good distance away, so we waited patiently, for probably 15-20 minutes. Thankfully, I noticed her ear twitching, then she swished her tail, so I knew she was okay.  Mom stood watch over her, and I’m guessing that’s dad in the background.

Finally, she awoke from her nap.

Look at that sweet curly little tail.

And a zoomed in (and later cropped) pic as she walked into the brush.  Her name hasn’t been announced yet; hopefully we’ll see her again in our travels.

And I’d just like to publicly thank my Motor Man for being the patient man that he is.

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mew: The Inspector

Motor Mommy loves to find old items to use in the yard. Some time back, she bought an old watering can at a vintage market and had been waiting for a good use for it (other than to water flowers).

I heard her tell Motor Man that she’d seen an idea on Pinterest (whatever THAT is) where someone had taken tiny solar lights (whatever THEY are) and made them look like water flowing from the spout of the watering can.

One day last week, she brought the watering can to the shop, so Motor Man could help her with the project.

I immediately went to work.  My little nose was working double over-time.

What in the world IS this thing?  And where has it been?

Eventually, I decided that it was harmless enough and allowed my pawrents to continue with the project.

Motor Mommy says taking night-time pics is so difficult, but this is the watering can project after it was completed. (I think she’s going to try for a better picture at some point.)

I love being chief inspector at our shop.  Now, what’s our next project?

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Another week, another Friday, another Random Five.

1.) Earlier this month, we were out and about on the evening of the Full Buck Moon. There were clouds, so at times, we could see the entire moon, and other times, just a portion of it.  Motor Man pulled over and took this shot from the car window. He seems to have better luck and definitely more patience than me when it comes to nighttime photography.


2.) I continue to occasionally come upon a fawn as I move about our yard. I’m not sure who’s more surprised when that happens: me or the fawn.  We have three, two are twins, and there’s a single baby who’s smaller.  I think this is the baby of the bunch. Those eyes….

3.) Motor Man and I have begun celebrating those crazy special occasion days. This past week included National Ice Cream Day AND National Hot Dog Day. For the latter, we visited a local “hot dog joint”, The Barking Dog.  Motor Man had seen it mentioned in our local paper, so we thought we’d give it a try. We give it a thumbs up.

4.) On our most recent trip to the Outer Banks, we spotted the little colt, Mateo, born earlier this year.  This week, it was announced that a filly has been born into the herd, and we can’t wait to spot her on a future trip.

5.) We recently went on a tall ship sail out of Yorktown with my niece and her son. Motor Man took this picture of me during the sail. I love that, if you look closely,  you can see his reflection in my sunglasses.

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~


Rain…And Sun

As of last week, things were pretty dry in our neck of the woods.  I was trying, with moderate success, to keep up with watering my plants, but the lawn was almost a lost cause.

The much-needed rain came Friday evening. The first shower brought us a half inch, and later in the evening, another inch and a half fell at a somewhat slower pace.

I took this picture (from inside the garage door) during the first shower.  It was absolutely pouring….while the sun was shining.

There was a rainbow, but, unfortunately, it was too faint to capture.

My plants, and the lawn,  were saying: “ah…….feels so good coming down.”

And I was just thankful.

~These Days Of Mine~