One Word Wednesday: Jammies

(My apologies for prematurely publishing this yesterday.)


Snaggle-toothed me on the left, and my niece on the right

~These Days Of Mine~

Remembering Amadeo

If you don’t recall my 2015 post about Amadeo, the rescued wild horse from Corolla, please click on this link, where you can read his amazing story.

When Motor Man, my friend, Donna, and I attended an open house at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund rescue farm the following year, we had the honor of meeting Amadeo.

Donna and I fell in love with that sweet, handsome gentleman.

Last November, Motor Man and I attended another open house at the facility, and I took this picture of Amadeo.  What a sweetheart.

Sadly, yesterday the Corolla Wild Horse Fund posted this  news on their Facebook page:

Several weeks ago Amadeo started to become increasingly stiff in his rear legs and hips, and had begun to slow down significantly. We’d been working with our vet to manage his pain and arthritis but despite our best efforts he fell on Friday night and was unable to get back up. His 40 year old body just couldn’t keep up with him anymore, and he died quickly and peacefully, and on his own terms. He was surrounded in love by his horse friends, Luna the barn kitty, his canine best friend Lucile, and our herd manager and trainer. Yesterday he was lovingly and respectfully buried in his pasture and sent off to run with his ancestors by many of the people who loved him and cared for him over the years.

And they shared this picture of Amadeo on the beach in his younger days.

photo by Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Run wild and free, sweet Amadeo.  You were loved by many.

~These Days Of Mine~


Poetic Thursday: Back In The Day

Poetic Thursday time again, hosted by Pam and her boys at Two Spoiled Cats.  This is our photo inspiration for today’s poem. What an interesting picture.

Below is my poem. I couldn’t stop writing!

 Back In The Day

A fun picture with memories of days gone by.
What was the first thing to catch your eye?

Sweet Raggedy Ann doll in the high chair.
Friends came for playtime, and we learned to share.

Ice skates, roller skates, carefree days at the rink;
we didn’t know those times would go by in a blink.

A rotary dial phone – that was the thing.
Party lines! A long and a short was our ring.

Mom sewed on an old treadle sewing machine;
Barbie clothes, slipcovers and everything in between.

A Beatles record: we loved the Fab Four,
and an Elvis album from a few years before.

We were mesmerized by the blobs in that lava lamp,
and the old suitcase carried our clothes to camp.

A manual typewriter, when have you seen one of these?
Typing class: “fingers on the home row keys”.

A staged photo, perhaps, but what a display.
Which of these do you remember from back in the day?

~These Days Of Mine~

One Word Wednesday: Innocence


~These Days Of Mine~

Delayed Celebration

You may recall my post from last month about our failed plans for a sleigh ride to celebrate our anniversary.

On Friday of last week, we learned that Snowshoe, the area where the sleigh rides are, had a 10-inch snowfall overnight Thursday. So my Motor Man, who has to be the most spontaneous person I know, decided we’d try for a sleigh ride this past weekend.

And this time, we were successful.  Although we saw no snow as we neared the ski resort, once we got there, there was SNOW. We were amazed at the view of the mountains. The flocked trees seemed to be highlighted.

We felt like we were right in the middle of a Christmas card setting.

It was nice to see Peggy and Skip, the owners of Autumn Breeze Stables again. (We had taken a sleigh ride with them last year.)

Just as last year, Flash would be the horse pulling our sleigh. He posed with us right on cue.

It was a chilly, but beautiful morning for a sleigh ride. Skip told us that within a few hours, the conditions wouldn’t be favorable for rides, as the temperatures were expected to rise well above freezing.

Skip took this video during our ride, and shared it on their Facebook page.


Celebrating in such a fun, beautiful way was definitely worth the wait.

~These Days Of Mine~

Poetic Thursday: Shall We Dance

Another week has flown by. Once again, it’s time for poetry with Pam and her boys at Two Spoiled Cats.

Well, just as last week’s poem came easy for me, this one was a stretch, since I am no dancer.

Here’s my poem:

Shall We Dance

Since she was little, she’s wanted to dance;
waiting for the day she’d have her chance.

Years of practice came easy to her.
She’d get her big break, of that she was sure.

Her hard work paid off, she commands the floor,
always leaving her audience wanting more.

She and her partner complete each other;
neither can imagine dancing with another.

Strong, yet elegant, their talent shines through,
it’s obvious to all that they love what they do.

~These Days Of Mine~


One Word Wednesday: Halcyon


~These Days Of Mine~