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For those of you who are gardeners, don’t you just love to discover pleasant surprises in your yard? Maybe an unexpected bloom? Or a plant that you thought was “gone forever”  is suddenly thriving?

Several years ago, I bought a whitewashed iron trellis to place on our deck in front of the chimney. And I bought a clematis to grow on the trellis. I’ve never had any luck with clematis; I think this one may have bloomed for a short while the first year. And since then it really hasn’t been impressive, meaning it was done after having one or two flowers at the beginning of spring.

Saturday I was in the yard putting down mothballs to deter the bunnies and deer from some of my plants, and I glanced up at the deck. This was the jawdropping moment.

Clematis have gorgeous flowers.

I would love to think this will be covered in blooms all summer, like my neighbor’s clematis, but I think I know better.

But here’s what is even more surprising than finding these blooms:  the clematis I planted was white.