Springtime At The Castle


Some of you are new to my blog and may not be familiar with Bacon’s Castle. Here’s a link that will give you some information about this historic landmark. I also have a Bacon’s Castle category, where you’ll find several earlier posts about “the Castle” and its connection to my family.


My son, Marshall, and I were in the area (less than a half hour from our respective homes) on Monday, so we stopped by to see Bacon’s Castle in her spring finery.

She didn’t disappoint.

The dogwoods were in full bloom.

Marshall spotted this single bloom right up against the tree and snapped this picture.

This is the dialogue we imagined:

“You have to bloom at the end of a branch. You can’t bloom there.”
To which the little bloom replied: “Oh yes, I can. Watch me.”

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.  (Proverb)

18 responses to “Springtime At The Castle

  1. HI! lovely, lovely pictures of a place so dear to our hearts…….love you–jj

  2. BC is beautiful in every season. Fortunately, you always take wonderful pictures of her in all her glory in every season. Hugs,

  3. Cheryl Andrews

    Beautifully captured piece of living American history. Thank you for the link! I think I should have the proverb you quoted about spring tatooed on my forehead … I am still waiting for spring to quit flirting and stay here in the ‘north’ country.

  4. It was a great mini road trip … and I think Spring’s on the way, but it’s lookin’ like today will be Summer !!

  5. Such a gorgeous place no matter what season. You both captured it beautifully!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous. The castle looks majestic.

  7. How wonderfully stunning! I wish I were able to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  8. that is so sweet! i love the conversation! brave little bloom!

  9. WOW~ what a gorgeous place!

  10. “You have to bloom at the end of a branch. You can’t bloom there.”
    Memorable dialog and visual to go with it. Thank you for creating.

  11. Great photography! Such pretty tree flowers.

  12. I have never been there, though I do remember seeing a mileage sign to it in our travels. Will also have to read more about its meaning to your family. Thanks for sharing such beauty. I just LOVE dogwood.

  13. Beautiful! We have a pink dogwood right beside the driveway and I just love it!

  14. That looks like such a magnificent place to visit. The pink dogwoods are gorgeous. I love your dialogue of the little bloom. It fits it perfectly. 🙂

  15. Beautiful photos, great thought too. Te pink dogwood wrapped around the limb is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    There is something so special about dogwood trees and Easter.

  17. My husband and I have visited Bacon’s Castle and found it fascinating! Quite an interesting blog! Your photos are beautiful!

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