Like A Swan Out Of Water

If you’re new to my blog, let me fill you in on our swans. They aren’t really ours, but they visit quite often. Usually they visit as a pair: a black one and a white one, although we do see them separately. We began calling them Groom Swan and Bride Swan when they graced us with their presence during a wedding on our lawn a couple of years ago. Unplanned, but a nice touch.

Click here to read that story.

Whenever I see them, I rush out to toss bread in the water for them. Groom Swan has a little greeting when he sees me: he stretches his neck out really long and he sort of  “honks”. I think it’s a swan hello. One day I’m hoping to get that on video, and if I do, you know I’ll share.

Yesterday morning, just after sunrise, I saw Groom Swan, and went out with some bread. He immediately started plodding through the marsh grass into our yard.  Out of the water, he seems so much larger.

He has done that once or twice before, but it doesn’t happen often.  He has difficulty eating bread when he’s on land, and ends up with blades of grass in his beak. And flossing isn’t an option.  I intentionally threw bread a little distance from him, so you could see how far he stretches his neck.

When the bread was gone, he started waddling back to the water, but turned around to glance at me over his…… oh, never mind.

“Hey! You lookin’ at me?”

Then he was back in the water.

He seems much more at home there. And there’s no need for dental floss.


14 responses to “Like A Swan Out Of Water

  1. I am completley captivated by Groom and Bride swan. What a treasure you have in them. Thank you for such wonderful pictures!

  2. He’s decided he’s not waiting around in the water anymore! And he does look quite a bit larger out of water!

  3. Guess you were too slow getting the bread to the water so he decided to meet you OR “intimidate” you!

  4. those are GREAT shots! so often we see the swans with necks curved gracefully but you got him to show is stuff! 🙂 i love that you have this pair nearby!

  5. Oh my! Fantastic. It looks as if he turned so you could get his best side. Ham!

  6. Lovely post and photos! You are surrounded by such beauty.

  7. I wonder where the white one went? Great shots Diane…especially “Lookin at me?”

  8. How very interesting; of course we’ve never seen birds like these. But we do have Canadian geese around our ponds and they’ve learned not to be too afraid of our trucks and RTV. They also honk pretty loudly.

  9. Great swan story. The Groom is handsome fellow. I think it’s so fun and heartening when wildlife allows us to interact with them a while.

  10. We have geese that visit us every Spring..much like your swans. I don’t dare try to feed them…..I have three boys…need I say more? 🙂 Your Clematis is lovely! Mine is a deeper purple…I’ll post pics when it blooms!

  11. Jr! Quick, get Diane. That’s a Smithfield buzzard!

  12. Beautiful photos of the swan. I’ve always thought they were so graceful looking. Love how you call them Bride and Groom, too! I finally got to finish my comment, I started this and was called away from the computer. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  13. He is quite handsome!

  14. Wouldn’t that be ‘beak’ floss?

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