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Cousins, Friends

Today is my cousin, Lona’s, birthday.

We were best friends before we were old enough to even realize it.

lona and db 1-14-2011 9-54-43 AM

We went to church together, and many Sundays, played together afterward. As young girls, we pretended to be secretaries. To The Beatles (we dreamed big).

lona db_Snapseed

Our grandmother owned a little country store and lived in the back part of that building. Lona and I once decided that we would surprise Grandma and”straighten up” the merchandise in her store. We got in BIG trouble; seems Grandma didn’t take kindly to having things moved around without her permission.

As adults, for several years, together we taught preschoolers in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. (Neither of us became secretary to a famous rock band.)


These days, we see each other often, talk on the phone, e-mail and are “there” for each other.

Happy Birthday, Lona.

lona 2nd bd

I love you.