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A Weekend With Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was one to keep the meteorologists guessing. A week or so ago, the forecast was dire for our area: Matthew would most likely make landfall along the North Carolina or Virginia coast as a major hurricane.  Then, that all changed, and Matthew was expected to skirt the Florida coast, then make a sharp turn to the east and our area was taken out of the “cone” of possibility.

Well, Matthew had other plans, and came ashore in South Carolina on Saturday, then moved just off the coast to near Cape Hatteras, N.C. As the speed of the storm slowed, the size increased, causing our area to have strong winds and heavy rain for an extended length of time.

Although we had effects from the storm, we consider ourselves very fortunate: the tide in our yard wasn’t as high as recent storms, and we never lost electricity, nor any trees. Saturday night was an anxious one for us, as we listened to heavy rain (nearly 10 inches, we’ve learned) and strong winds.

Matthew caused many problems for our county.  In some areas, trees fell across highways.


In other places, the roads flooded, and although some cars were lost in high water, to our knowledge, there were no injuries or deaths.


This bridge flooded to the point that all that remained visible was the top of the guardrails.


And it appears that this roadway was close to being washed away.


Motor Man and I have a police scanner and listened Saturday night, for several hours during the worst of the storm. We heard law enforcement officers,  and (mostly) volunteer fire department and rescue squad members as they braved horrible weather conditions to keep the roadways as safe as possible and help citizens who were in need. They deserve (but oftentimes receive little) respect and appreciation for the jobs they do.

By late yesterday afternoon, the sun was shining, and what a welcome sight that was.


It’s always interesting to see what washes up in our yard with the tide trash. This time, in addition to the usual plastic water and beverage bottles, there was also an empty peanut butter jar, a huge vinyl glove, the lid from a plastic tackle box and a 4-foot long log (or trunk of a small tree?).

Yes, our visit from Matthew wasn’t nearly as tragic as it was for so many folks to our south.  And for that, we are grateful.

~These Days Of Mine~