Monday Morning Mews

Hi, readers.  It’s Gypsy, bringing you this week’s Mews.

Want to know what Motor Mommy has done for the better part of the past several days? At home, at our shop, on her cell phone…..

She’s watched a web-cam while waiting on April, the giraffe, who lives at the Animal Adventure Park in New York, to deliver a calf.


So, I decided that I’d hang out with her and watch for awhile.  Did you notice, that in the picture, April is looking RIGHT at me?  I just know she was.

As of this post being published, the world is still waiting for April to have her baby. If you’d like to follow along on Facebook, Motor Mommy says there’s a link on the Animal Adventure Park page.  Several news stations also have links, including this one:

Warning: very addictive.

~These Days Of Mine~

8 responses to “Monday Morning Mews

  1. Maybe April is waiting until April to have her baby! That wouldn’t work! I am pretty sure April IS looking right at you, Gypsy!

  2. How cute-can’t wait to see the newborn.

  3. Love the morning mews commeowntator! I wish April would have that darn baby already!

  4. April isn’t in any hurry to be a Mom……that’s when the real work begins!


  5. I know a lot of people are waiting in anticipation !
    It won’t be long now … I suppose ! ; )

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So fun and interesting but April will know just the right time!!

  7. Thanks, Gypsy! Now every time April twitches her ear or lifts her foot a tiny bit, I think it’s time! So sweet. Hope I’m not asleep when she finally decides it’s time.

  8. I wish April well and the new babe a safe delivery.
    Thanks for posting about this, I forgot about it and thanks for the link.

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