Mystery At The Castle

As Motor Man and I were leaving Bacon’s Castle last Sunday at the close of the “Romance At The Castle” event, I recalled this picture of my late Aunt Lucille that was taken of her standing on the old mill stone at the front door.


So I asked Motor Man to take a picture of me, standing on it.


Much has changed about the entrance since the photo of Aunt Lucille was taken: the steps are different, the porch has been removed.

But, is there something else different?  Is that, in fact, the same mill stone?

I just always assumed that it was the same one, but it certainly doesn’t look like it when comparing these two photos.

Marshall and I know a couple of folks with ties to the house who may have some answers. We’re going to do a little investigating to determine if we can solve this mystery.

Stay tuned…

~These Days Of Mine~

13 responses to “Mystery At The Castle

  1. It does look different to me as well. What a fun mystery to solve. Keep us posted.

  2. Love both pictures. You and Aunt Lucille certainly favor, same sweet face, dark coloring. The mill stones, especially centers, definitely look different, so will be interesting to see what your Nancy Drew efforts find out. And as we both know, those are excellent skills to have’ Have a wonderful weekend. Promises to be great weather in Virginia!

  3. “Mystery of the Old Mill Stone” – Love the sound of it. Can’t wait to hear what you and Marshall find out. Neat pictures-both.

  4. I love the photos past and present celebrating your history and close relationship with the area.
    I believe that’s either a different stone you’re standing on, or they had it sculpted with the design. I look forward to your update on if it is or isn’t the original stone.
    Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  5. I agree, it does look different, but I love that you posed on the spot where your Aunt Lucille stood. Priceless!

  6. Good luck solving the mystery but perhaps when the changes were made all those years ago the stone was moved/turned over? Interesting – keep us posted Ms. Sherlock!


  7. Staying tuned… for sure! It would be sad if the original mill stone has been removed. I can see where it could have been damaged or worn beyond saving/repair.

  8. It certainly does look different, Dianna. One thing that looks the same…you and your aunt’s sweet smile. I see the resemblance.

  9. This is a tricky one.. That’s the same stone that was there when I was giving tours. Fifteen or so years ago, I was told- by a master millwright- that the one you’re standing on was older than Bacon’s Castle. But the one in the older photo looks different.. I wouldn’t expect two separate stones to have been in that spot, but there will always be unanswered questions with this old place !! – So many different families there altering things over the years …

  10. You’re right, it looks very different!

  11. What fun! So special to be posing in the same spot as your late aunt. Antique mill stones, both, but wonder what became of the original (or as a commenter above suggested, could it have been turned over..?) Fun mystery. I love wondering what someone is thinking about in old photos, what they spent the day doing before and after that photographed moment in time.

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wow, I love a good mystery, looking forward to more blogs about it! Love the picture of you and your aunt but there is differences.

  13. We love a good mystery! Like you and your Aunt..there is a family resemblance…
    Can’t wait to read what you find out.
    nellie and Mommy

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