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A Visit To THAT Farm

My friend, Susie, shared this video on my Facebook page several years ago. It was my introduction to the Friesian breed of horses. Immediately, it became one of my favorite things to watch (many times)during the Christmas season.


Last week, Motor Man and I were in Indianapolis on a business trip, and, on the way home, he surprised me. We took a different route and actually went to the farm where this video was filmed.

Can you imagine my excitement? That fence….that lane….that barn….those horses….from the video!

The manager and trainer, Terry, could not have been more welcoming. And…Terry’s the driver in the video. It was a little like meeting a movie star.

Terry gave us a tour of the barns and introduced us to Bizkit, a Baroque Pinto.

I think it’s safe to say that Bizkit is a love bug.

Before we left, Terry mentioned my coat: the result of Bizkit kisses. The dry-cleaning bill will totally be worth it.

In addition to the Friesians and Baroque Pintos, the farm also has a Gypsy Vanner named Tristan.

What a wonderful surprise Motor Man pulled off.  Terry invited us to come back when the weather is warmer, and said he’ll take us for a ride on that wagon.

My reply: “Can we play Jingle Bell Rock”?

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