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A Baby Boy

Recently a friend (the mom of two young boys) shared this on her Facebook page. It seems appropriate that I share it on my blog today:

“She’s having a baby boy.

And she doesn’t have a clue what to expect,

She assumes there might be tractors and baseballs and maybe superheroes she can’t even name yet.

And I know the wonder in her eyes and remember being in her shoes.
I think back on the best years of my life and share some things she’s got to look forward to:
Expect to fall in love again and again.

Expect that little boy will fall in love with you, too.
Expect mud.
Expect him to put the biggest smile on your face.

Expect he’ll make you fierce, strong and brave.
Expect to raise your voice.
Expect to shout loudest from your spot on the front row.
Expect he’ll claim his place on your hip for a while and in your heart forever.

Expect him to grow wild and fast.
Expect to pay close attention when he slows down.

Expect tears to fall and the biggest belly laughs.

Expect he won’t hide his feelings from you.
Expect mommy dates and to become his princess.
Expect to get more nervous about everything than he does.
Expect to receive bouquets on otherwise ordinary days.

Expect he’ll get more right than he does wrong.
Expect he will lead you closer to Jesus.
Expect he’ll be the biggest reason you pray.
But most of all, expect more love than you could ever imagine.

More adventure than you would have otherwise known.
The truth is nothing can ever really prepare you for this kind of joy and calling.
I thank God every day for choosing me.
To mother a baby boy.”

And why did I decide to share this on my blog today?

Because it’s my “baby boy’s” birthday.

Happy Birthday, Marshall!

~These Days Of Mine~