Daily Archives: January 17, 2022

The Betty White Challenge

From my earliest memories, kitties have been a part of my life. I do recall a couple of dogs (Trixie and Lassie) during my childhood years, but after that, it’s been all cats.

You, like me, probably think of two things when the name Betty White comes to mind: comedy and her love of animals. So it was just a perfect idea to create The Betty White Challenge.

Betty would have celebrated her 100th birthday today. I haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly whose idea this challenge was.  What I read is that her fans have taken to social media to encourage others to donate just $5 today in her name to an animal rescue or humane society.

So…. we are participating in that challenge.

Today we are writing a check to our local Isle of Wight County Animal Shelter. That’s where Beezy found me back in 1995.  I’ve told friends many times that Beezy was my ‘kitty soul mate’ .  Motor Man and I were heartbroken when we had to have her put down in 2009, due to her failing health.

We’re also writing a check to the Gloucester-Mathews Human Society, where we adopted Sundae in 2011.

And we can’t omit sweet Gypsy from this post. Gypsy somehow managed to find us at the back door of our shop in 2013,  when she was barely two months old. We’re glad she found us at an early age, rather than spending time in a shelter.

Gypsy, enjoying a FB video of my friend, Donna’s, kitties. Note the paws on the keyboard: I think she sent them a friend request.

Our checks will be for a little more than the suggested $5.  We hope countless animals will benefit from The Betty White Challenge.  Betty has to be smiling.

~These Days Of Mine~