Poetic Thursday: This Little Place

Welcome to another installment of Poetic Thursday. Each week, we join our friend, Pam, and her kitties Teddy and Angel Sammy, at Two Spoiled Cats to share some poetry inspired by a photo they provide.

This week’s photo:

And here’s my poem:

This Little Place

When life is rough, and people are mean,
I slip away to this little house by the stream.

It’s peaceful here: no nightly news,
no ugliness, no differing views.

Rain only comes in the middle of the night;
you wake in the morning to warm sunlight.

A place to escape the world of today;
in just a few seconds, I can be on my way.

Yes, it’s true, the little house by the stream
only exists here in my dreams.

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “Poetic Thursday: This Little Place

  1. Sweet poem….we all have a place where we escape….sometimes it’s a little cabin or cottage in the woods and sometimes it’s a place in our imagination. Poetry gives us a place to “go” and that’s part of the reason I love it.


  2. Oh, but a good dream! We all need that place, especially now.

  3. An escape is definitely what we need so often! If only in our dreams.

  4. Enjoy the little place !
    We all need one ….

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Would love to have a cottage by the stream in these times. Well done, Dianna!

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