Poetic Thursday: Hair

It’s Thursday, so that means poetry here at These Days. We’re once again joining Pam, Teddy and Angel Sammy at Two Spoiled Cats for Poetic Thursday.

Here’s this week’s photo inspiration:

And this is my poem:


They grew accustomed to the stares;
not many folks had seen such hair.

That was the style back in the day,
but you know it had to get in the way.

How did they ever manage to sleep?
And just think of all the daily upkeep.

 Shampooing, brushing and split ends:
glad that’s no longer a fashion trend.

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Hair

  1. Indeed! I’m happy it’s not a trend too and I’m thinking a lot of those Victorian girls were glad when it went out of fashion as well. The photos in the link were so strange! Thanks for joining in our poetry fun. This one was particularly interesting. Next week’s will be CUTE.


  2. That picture is incredible!
    And your poem addresses all the thoughts racing through my mind. Well done my friend!

  3. Glad this one never became a thing ….

  4. As usual, you provided an apt poem. I too am glad this trend didn’t last. However, did they wash their hair???

  5. Can you imagine the HOT FLASHES???? WHEW!! I’m thankful that didn’t become a trend too.

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I am with Marshall glad this tend did not keep going!! lol

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