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Random Five Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve shared random thoughts, so today seems a good day for that:

1.) Last Sunday, we celebrated Marshall’s birthday as we usually do: at The Olde Chickahominy House restaurant in Williamsburg.  If you’re ever in the area, the food is great, and the staff is so friendly.

2.)  An x-rated performance by one of our resident bird seed thieves squirrels. What a view from our kitchen window….

3.) One of this year’s babies, checking out the buffet. The love-hate relationship continues. I love how beautiful they are (just look at that sweet face), but hate that they destroy some of my plants. (The purple bloom in the foreground is a butterfly bush, which they ignore.)

4.) Speaking of deer, I’ve put netting over my gladioli to protect them. It’s worked up to a point, but, recently, when I checked, I saw they had pulled the netting off one of the plants and eaten the buds.  I have managed to salvage a few blooms. Glads are among my favorite plants, and apparently, the deer feel the same way.

5.) And last, but not least, Motor Man had surgery yesterday for a hernia that’s been causing him pain for the past three months.  It was outpatient, and he’s doing very well. We’re thankful that’s behind him, and he can begin the recovery. Oh, and I found a little something for him in the hospital gift shop. He named him “Herbie”.

Enjoy the weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~


Sadly, Our Turn

Friday afternoon, Motor Man and I left town for an overnight trip.

I checked my Facebook a little before 5 and saw that my friend in Virginia Beach had posted about an active shooter in Virginia Beach. That was the first I heard of the tragedy.

That friend retired from City Hall a few years ago, and first reports were that that’s where the shooting took place. We later learned that it was another building within that complex.  But when all this began, my friend was concerned for relatives of hers that worked there. I’m relieved for her that her family members weren’t among the victims.

My son, Marshall, was also texting me as he learned more about the number of fatalities and injuries. In the end, 12 people had died, and four now remain in critical condition. The suspect was also killed.

It was our area’s turn. Our turn for worldwide news footage of law enforcement personnel running into a building, and innocent civilians being rushed out with their hands on their heads. Our turn to see ambulances en-route to medical facilities. Our turn for solemn-faced city officials holding press conferences. Our turn for prayer vigils and memorials.

The city of Virginia Beach is about a 45 minute drive from us. “As the crow flies”, it’s perhaps 30 miles.  We have several friends who call Virginia Beach home.

But, when something like this happens in your home state, it’s almost as though it happens in your home TOWN.


We can’t begin to imagine the feelings of all those affected by this: the families, friends and co-workers of the victims,  the law enforcement officers involved, the paramedics, the city officials, the suspect’s family…..

After every horrible event like this,  we hear: “What can we do to stop things like this from happening?”.

Personally, I really don’t know that there’s anything that can be done to stop it.

I believe that task will take much ‘larger’ hands than ours.

~These Days Of Mine~


Me And Mrs…..Mrs. Wren

We got a thing goin’ on

My favorite hanging plants for our front porch are ivy-leaf geraniums.

Not long after I purchased these and put them in place a few weeks ago, I disturbed a tiny bird one day when I took this one down to water it.

And, boy, did I get a scolding. From Mrs. Wren.

I have attempted to water the plant from the opposite side as her nest, but I always seem to forget which side she has occupied. (Note to self: mark the flowerpot.)

So while I had the plant off the hanger (and Mrs. Wren was a few feet away, giving me “what for”), I snapped a quick picture. It isn’t very good, but there appear to be several tiny eggs in her little cylindrical nest.

So… although I didn’t spend nearly $30 for a plant for Mrs. Wren’s summer home,  I’m going to do everything possible in the future to keep from disturbing her.

~These Days Of Mine~




Ohio-Virginia Friends

Actually, the title of this post should be Ohio-Virginia-North Carolina friends. You may recall my previous mentions of our friends, Renee and Mike. The four of us met on the beach at Carova a few years ago when Renee and I were both taking pictures of “our” wild horses. Yes, she’s as much a fan as I am.

Renee and Mike live in Ohio, but Carova may well be their favorite place in the world. Each year, they vacation there, and Motor Man and I take a trip to visit with them during that time.

Knowing that the four of us wanted to get an early start to our day, Motor Man and I drove to the Outer Banks the night before and stayed overnight. It was nice to wake to the sunrise over the ocean.

I particularly liked the sun’s reflection on the water’s edge…..and the footprints in the sand.

Then it was down to the business of spotting horses. And there were plenty to see, both on the dunes…

And by the ocean…

As per the usual for this time of year, there was a bit of a disagreement amongst a couple of stallions. I love that you can hear Renee say at the beginning of the video: “Woop, here we go!”


After a morning of riding, taking pictures and just catching up, we had lunch in the village of Duck.

Renee and Mike are such a sweet couple; it’s difficult and takes us forever to say: “til next time”.  Several hugs are always involved.

Who would ever think a friendship could come about from two “little girls” taking pictures of wild horses on a beach?

~These Days Of Mine~






Wednesday Waddlers

First, an update on the computer situation:  we picked it up Monday, and for the most part, all is going well. We purchased Adobe Photoshop, so learning that is proving to be somewhat of a challenge. In the meantime…

This time of year, there are always new little ones in our yard….geese, ducks, deer, rabbits.  This year, we have ONE duckling. And proud Mama and Papa brought it around just about the time of sunset last night. I ran for the camera.

It’s an honor to know that the parents feel comfortable enough with me to bring their little one so close. (Of course, the corn that I feed them is encouragement.)

That sweet baby looks so soft and fuzzy…

And then they swam off into the sunset.

Bye, duck family!  Stay safe and come back soon. I’ll be waiting with corn.

~These Days Of Mine~



Random Five Friday

Just ’cause it’s been a while since I’ve shared random thoughts:

1.) These pics were on my Facebook page, but thought I’d also share them here. My Mother’s Day was wonderful: breakfast with my two guys and special gifts from both of them. Marshall’s gave me one of his 3D shadowbox designs that he created just for me.

Motor Man’s gift was a hummingbird feeder, which now hangs right in front of our kitchen window.

2.) Remember this picture I shared in a previous post of Motor Man taking his “physical therapy”?

Evidently that therapy must have been just the “ticket”. I’m happy to report that he was released from the orthopedist this week. We’re thankful that his broken shoulder didn’t require surgery.

3.) We made a trip to the Outer Banks earlier this week to visit with some friends who are vacationing there. The four of us went riding to see horses, had lunch and spent some time catching up. It was a good time. My apologies to my FB friends for the repeat photos today.

4.) The annual Memorial Service is this Sunday at the cemetery in my little home town. This tradition goes back many, many years.  It seems the weather that day is either very cool or extremely hot. The latter seems to be what we’ll have for this year’s service: Sunday’s forecast is for temps around 90. We’ll definitely be seeking a shady spot to set up the chairs.

5.) Our home computer is just about out of space….that’s understandable, considering all the pictures I take (mostly of horses).  So, Motor Man and I recently went “window shopping”, and we think we’ve chosen a replacement. I’m so nervous about taking the old computer to the experts to have everything transferred to the new one. Silly? Maybe. But just think of all the room I’ll have for….more pictures!

So, if I’m missing from blogland for a few days, I’m just waiting to bring home the new computer. (Or trying to figure out how to use it….)

~These Days Of Mine~





Gone To The Cats

As you well know, our kitties are a big part of our lives.

Our two have been particularly affectionate this week, especially to Motor Man. Earlier this week, Gypsy walked across my desk, on to his legs and then up to his chest…..where she perched.

(She must think she’s still THIS size):

Later that same afternoon, when Motor Man got home, Sundae gave him a little of her time.

Marshall recently sent these pictures of his kitties.  Sweet little Sibby discovered the “Hoosier” cabinet.

She’s so entertaining, he sends me lots of pictures of her.

And his kitty, Snugg, being king of his domain.

“I’ve found that the way a person feels about cats-and the way they feel about him or her in return-is usually an excellent gauge by which to measure a person’s character” 
― P.C. Cast