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Monday Morning Mews: Welcome, Teddy

Hi, readers!  It’s Sundae AND Gypsy both today bringing you a very special Monday Morning Mews.

You may recall previous posts about Motor Mommy’s dear friend, Miss Pam, who, along with her kitty, Sammy, write the blog One Spoiled Cat.  Miss Pam and our mommy met through their blogs several years ago, first as online friends, and soon, they became personal friends.

Sadly, Sammy crossed Rainbow Bridge back in December. Miss Pam and her husband, Mr. Dave, were heartbroken, as were all of the many friends she had made through blogging.  She and Mr. Dave knew they would adopt another kitty when the time was right, but that didn’t happen right away.

And…finally! Last week, they made a trip to their local animal shelter, and right there and then,  they were adopted by Teddy, a sweet little ginger kitty who looks very much like their beloved Sammy.  Not only is Angel Sammy still helping write the blog (now Two Spoiled Cats), but he is also Teddy’s guardian angel.

There’s a special blog hop this week to welcome Baby Teddy Kimmel to the blogosphere. And both of us, along with our pawrents, wanted to participate.

This is from Motor Mommy: Teddy, I just want you to know that when I read your mom’s email to me that they had found you, I was teary-eyed as I shared that with Motor Man.  And, he has such a soft heart, he was touched as well.  We both know how much your pawrents wanted to welcome a new furbaby into their family.

 Sundae here, and this is my message to Angel Sammy and Little Teddy:


Gypsy here, and it’s my turn:


And I have a pee ess:


Motor Mommy: Ummm….sweet Gypsy, I’m sure Teddy will have lots of girl kitties wanting to be his special friend. And, he’s quite a bit younger than you, too, remember?

Welcome, Teddy! We are so happy for all of you, and know that you will bring much love and joy to your pawrents!  We look forward to your Mom’s future posts sharing your antics and lots of pictures.


~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews

Happy Monday, readers! This is Sundae, bringing you the mews this week.

Today, I have a complaint to lodge with Motor Mommy….actually TWO.  She collects these little pieces of furniture…she calls them “doll dressers” or “salesman samples”, whatever THAT is.  It was fine when she just had one….or two. But her collection has grown, and she displays them on top of MY desk.


That just leaves no room for ME.  If you’ll look closely, you’ll see that half of me is sitting on the roll-top thingie.

And while you’re at it, Mom, can you clean out these cubbies?


 They’re looking pretty junky, you know.

Sheesh…..good help is so hard to get….

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews




Let it be noted that my pawrents do not find this past-time nearly as entertaining as I do.


~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews

Happy Monday, efurryone!  Sundae here with this week’s mews. And today I thought I’d share with you one of my current favorite spots.  Those of you who are familiar with kitties know that we have our favorite places, which change from time to time.  Right now, my “place”  is either on top of, or under, this quilt.  It was made by Motor Mommy’s Aunt Martha in 1995, and you can read more about it here.

When my pawrents come home, this is usually where they find me.  This is the guest room, and it’s located just inside our back door, so I can greet them immediately upon their arrival. Motor Mommy took these when they came home after dinner last night.


I’m really happier to see them than I appear in these pictures. You know we felines are experts at not letting our true feelings be known.  Well, sometimes.


But, once in awhile, I like to burrow underneath the quilt. It’s my own private little spot where no one can find me.


So, you can move along now….nothing to see here….nope….nobody under this quilt….

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews

HAPPY NEW YEAR, efurryone!  Sundae here, and I am pleased as can be that I am the first one of the Motor Family to wish you all a Happy 2017.

I’d like to share a few photos with you today from my Christmas. First, I love it each year when my pawrents put up our Christmas tree.  It’s so much fun to just sit under it, although I admit that I occasionally chew on the branches and bat at the ornaments. (I know: bad kitty.)


Motor Mommy always tries to get a picture of me looking at the tree. She thinks I look a little sad in this photo, but I think I look dreamy.  What do you think?


My “step-brofur”, Marshall, took this interesting picture of me.  He was sitting at the kitchen table with my pawrents on Christmas Eve, and there was an extra chair, so I jumped up in it – just to see what was going on. Not ON the table, of course. I’m not allowed to do that.  He says I look as if I’m wearing a bonnet….


So, Christmas night, I got revenge for that silly comment with a couple of little nips. (I know: bad kitty.) But I didn’t realize that Motor Mommy was actually FILMING it. Thank goodness, Santa had already come to visit before this happened.

Although Motor Mommy certainly doesn’t approve of me biting anyone, she does like that video; she says it’s so natural of Marshall. Now, if she just doesn’t send it to Santa Paws.

So the moral of this story is to always be good….you never know when Santa’s watching….or when someone is nearby with a video camera.

~These Days Of Mine~

Tradition With A Tripod

Monday, I posted a little “tease” on my Facebook page, along with this photo. It’s our “annual family Christmas photo”, taken Sunday evening. And I promised to share on today’s blog post just how many years we’ve had this tradition of taking a photo of the three of us – and Sundae -on Christmas evening.


This was last year’s picture.


Christmas, 2014.

marshall jr db sundae 12-25-2014 8-13-23 PM

Christmas, 2013. It’s so nice having a tripod and a camera with a timer.

family photo 12-25-2013 8-55-30 AM

Christmas, 2012.


Christmas, 2011.  And here’s a funny story:  several years ago, I was following a blogger who often posted pictures of her and her husband on their outings. I commented and asked if they always asked strangers to take their photos. She replied that they had a small tripod. I mentioned that to Motor Man, and he said that we already had a tripod….upstairs….with a pair of large binoculars on them,  positioned to look out at the water. Silly me:  I knew the binoculars were there, but never thought about them being on a tripod. This next family picture was taken before we I discovered the tripod. Notice just the tips of Sundae’s ears in the photo. This was her first Christmas with us. Not the best picture, but a fun selfie memory.


And, as far as I can tell, our first family Christmas photo, taken in 2010 (also a selfie).


We had taken pictures of each other on prior Christmases: Marshall would take one of Motor Man and me, and Motor Man would take one of Marshall and me. But it’s nice to have pictures of all of us together. I’m glad we started this tradition (and that we “discovered” that tripod).

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews

Hello, efurryone, and welcome to the Christmas edition of Monday Morning Mews. This is Sundae, the “senior” of us two kitties, beginning today’s post with my Christmas wishes for you.  You may have seen this photo of me in a previous post, but it’s one of Motor Mommy’s favorites, so I’m sharing it again today.

sundae in christmas tree 12-23-2011 9-09-27 PM

I just love it when my pawrents decorate the Christmas tree. It’s so much fun to lie under the tree and look up at all the lights and ornaments.  I sure hope Santa Paws knows that I’ve been a good kitty this year. And I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas.

And, now, I’m turning things over to my younger step-sisfur, Gypsy, for her Christmas wish to you:

Hello, hello! It’s Gypsy, and I’m so excited to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas.


Motor Mommy bought this cute little Christmas scarf for me, and I really like it. The bells jingle when I move!

I hope that Santa Paws will forget that I, overlook the fact that I forgive me for tearing up the office furniture at our shop this year. I’m still technically a kitten, Santa, so purrhaps I’ll be better behaved next year….??  I promise to try.


~These Days Of Mine~