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Random Five Friday

Ready for the holiday weekend? First we have to have Random Five Friday!

1.) Once before, I planted cypress vine (also called hummingbird vine) seeds, but didn’t have a lot of luck with them.  This year, however, has been different. I love the delicate foliage and the tiny red, pink and white blooms.

cypress vine 8-31-2015 8-14-09 AM

2.) Motor Man and I made a quick trip to the Outer Banks this week.  Once again, we picked a perfect weather day. My hubby is acquiring quite the eye for photos; he suggested that this would be a pretty shot.

sea oats 9-1-2015 2-05-46 PM

3.) We saw 47 horses on this trip, including this one we named “Surfer Boy”.

surfer boy 9-1-2015 2-27-20 PM

4.) We also stopped (coming and going) to see Aggie and give her Granola Bar treats.

db and ag 9-2-2015 8-40-53 AM

 5.) Sundae thinks it’s been awhile since I’ve shared a photo of her, so here she is, relaxing on the guest room bed. Yes, that wrinkle behind her is her tunnel, where she burrows while we’re gone.

sundae 8-21-2015 1-21-59 PM

Happy, safe Labor Day weekend, everyone.

~These Days Of Mine~

Black Friday: Our Way

Many several years ago, I accidentally went shopping (for one item) on the day after Thanksgiving. (It wasn’t even called Black Friday then, as I recall.)  I stopped at Sears to buy a Fisher Price train to travel along the rail of Marshall’s crib.

I promised myself then that the day after Thanksgiving would never again be a shopping day for me.

Allow me to share how Motor Man and I spent our Friday morning last week.

Look! No crowds:

beach1 11-28-2014 7-45-33 AM

 No doorbuster sale signs.

sea foam 11-28-2014 7-57-28 AM

The food court:

horses 11-28-2014 8-53-12 AM

No hurrying or scurrying for bargains here:

db in rear view 11-28-2014 8-41-33 AM

And no traffic jams in the parking lot:

dunes1 11-28-2014 9-04-21 AM

Continuing our stress-free day, on the way home, we stopped for a visit with sweet Aggie.

aggie and db 11-28-2014 12-07-21 PM 11-28-2014 12-07-21 PM

I saw this cartoon on Facebook; my apologies to any readers who may actually enjoy the frenzy of shopping on Black Friday.

black friday

~These Days Of Mine~

The Weekend Included Horses

Our weekend was a busy one. After I met friends Saturday morning for shopping at the Farmers’ Market, followed by lunch, Motor Man and I headed to the Outer Banks.

Along the way, we stopped to visit Aggie, who was looking especially beautiful. I think she’d had her hair done.

aggie1 5-24-2014 3-22-28 PM

The next morning, we were on the beach in time to catch the sunrise over the ocean.

sunrise 5-25-2014 5-50-03 AM

We then drove up to Corolla and out on the beach. We only saw three horses; they were  grazing on one of the dunes in the early morning sun.

3 horses 5-25-2014 7-27-38 AM

On our way home yesterday, Aggie was treated to another apple as we passed by her pasture.

aggie and db mon 5-26-2014 11-38-07 AM

The weather was picture perfect in our area for all the outdoor holiday activities….including horse sightings.

~These Days Of Mine~