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Remembering Amadeo

If you don’t recall my 2015 post about Amadeo, the rescued wild horse from Corolla, please click on this link, where you can read his amazing story.

When Motor Man, my friend, Donna, and I attended an open house at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund rescue farm the following year, we had the honor of meeting Amadeo.

Donna and I fell in love with that sweet, handsome gentleman.

Last November, Motor Man and I attended another open house at the facility, and I took this picture of Amadeo.  What a sweetheart.

Sadly, yesterday the Corolla Wild Horse Fund posted this  news on their Facebook page:

Several weeks ago Amadeo started to become increasingly stiff in his rear legs and hips, and had begun to slow down significantly. We’d been working with our vet to manage his pain and arthritis but despite our best efforts he fell on Friday night and was unable to get back up. His 40 year old body just couldn’t keep up with him anymore, and he died quickly and peacefully, and on his own terms. He was surrounded in love by his horse friends, Luna the barn kitty, his canine best friend Lucile, and our herd manager and trainer. Yesterday he was lovingly and respectfully buried in his pasture and sent off to run with his ancestors by many of the people who loved him and cared for him over the years.

And they shared this picture of Amadeo on the beach in his younger days.

photo by Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Run wild and free, sweet Amadeo.  You were loved by many.

~These Days Of Mine~


Rescues: The Series, Part 2

During our visit to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund’s rescue facility on Saturday, we met Amadeo.  I remember his story from the CWHF Facebook page a couple of years ago. It’s an amazing one.

This is Amadeo as a wild stallion on the beaches of Corolla.  I did not take this photo;  it’s on the CWHF FB page.

amadeo in the wild-001

Corolla Wild Horse Fund photo

One evening in the spring of 2013, a local resident saw a horse running into the ocean.  Although the horses DO go into the ocean, this man knew that something was wrong. The water temperature was too cold, and the horse was running at full speed into the water.  The CWHF folks, as well as Corolla Ocean Rescue and Carova Fire and Rescue were called.

The horse (yes,  it was Amadeo) was struggling, but finally was able to get footing on a sandbar.  Miraculously,  the CWHF and ocean rescue folks were able to get him to shore and into a trailer.  Amadeo is an “aged stallion”, and the CWHF volunteers soon learned that he has very limited, if any, eyesight due to a fight with another stallion.

But, because of their excellent care, Amadeo is now doing well and living the good life at their rescue facility.

am 10-31-2015 11-06-26 AM

We were introduced to him by this fine gentleman, Mike Gaulding. Mike is the farrier who cares for the horses at the facility and travels to the beach if one of the wild Corolla horses is in need of his services.

am and mike 10-31-2015 11-02-41 AM

Mike told us how much Amadeo loves neck scratches, then went in his paddock to give us a demonstration. It’s obvious there’s a special bond between the two of them.

mike am 10-31-2015 11-08-59 AM

Soon, my horse-loving friend, Donna, had coaxed Amadeo over to the fence, so she could give him some love.

donna with amadeo 10-31-2015 11-14-45 AM

I tell you, the two of us were like little girls around all those horses.

db donna amadeo 10-31-2015 11-15-18 AM

We’re so happy that, thanks to so many caring people, Amadeo’s story has a happy ending.  And knowing what a tragic ending that story could have had, meeting him in person was….just….special.

~These Days Of Mine~