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All Aboard!

For several years, Motor Man and I have been going on train excursions with our friends, Bev and Bill. We’ve done steam trains, as well as diesels, some short trips, some lasting nearly all day.

Saturday we drove about 2 1/2 hours to ride the Autumn Leaf Rambler, which is part of the Buckingham Branch Railroad, out of Dillwyn, Virginia. Information about the ride stated that 45% of the cars were open-sided, so we arrived early to be sure we had a seat in an enclosed car.  (The temps were in the 50’s.)

When we’re riding, I always look for a shot of the front of the train as it’s rounding a turn. This was taken through the window.

engine 10-10-2015 9-39-58 AM

We were happy to see a little fall foliage during our ride.  The trees in our area haven’t start changing color yet.

foliage 10-10-2015 11-31-10 AM

Our ride took us across the James River, which is quite a bit narrower in that area than in ours (where it’s 4 miles across).

the james 10-10-2015 10-57-21 AM

The river was near the end of the line, at which point, the engine would push us back to the station.  In this picture, the bridge over the river is to the left of the train tracks.  After this picture was taken, the engineer backed the train up on the tracks to allow us a better view of the river.

rr track over james 10-10-2015 10-53-41 AM

We sat “over the river” for several minutes.  Motor Man and I walked to the section of the train between cars, and he suggested that I take a picture of the track below us.  Not much there between us and the river…

looking down at tracks 10-10-2015 10-59-23 AM

The trip lasted about three hours, and once back at the station, we did our customary photo session beside the train.

bev bill locomotive 10-10-2015 12-43-20 PM

It was a brisk, autumn day with not much sun, but, thankfully, no rain.

jrdb 10-10-2015 12-42-48 PM

 And another fun train ride with friends is in the books.

~These Days Of Mine~