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My Photo: Your Caption

I took this picture some time back of the little birdbath outside our kitchen window. The really strange thing is that I ran for my camera because of the goldfinch. It wasn’t until I uploaded the photo to my computer that I realized the bluebird was also there.

Today, I thought it would be fun to have you, my readers, submit captions for this picture. I hope you’ll play along by leaving a comment and/or a caption. If you comment here on the blog  (rather than on Facebook), other readers will be able to see your creativity. And be sure to check back later to see the suggestions others have made.

I just know your ideas are going to make me smile.

The Bluebird Of Unhappiness

Excuse me, ma’am. Do you realize how old the water is in this birdbath?

Honestly, when WAS the last time you cleaned this?

There’s a reason it’s called a birdBATH, you know. How am I supposed to bathe in this old dirty water?

Yes, I know: “it’s been a long, cold lonely winter”, and all that.  That’s really no excuse. The swans have been bragging that you fed them all winter – even when you had to trudge through the snow!

So what does a poor little bluebird have to do to get a little fresh water?