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Monday Morning Mews

At the suggestion of some of my readers, I’m going to try something new here on These Days.  On Mondays, our kitties, Sundae and Gypsy, will take turns sharing mews news from their world with our loyal readers. Since Sundae is the “elder”, she’ll begin the series today.

Hello, efurryone and welcome to the inaugural edition of Monday Morning Mews. Most of you probably already know me, but just in case you’re new here, I’m a calico that was living at the humane society until I adopted Motor Man and Motor Mommy in 2011.

My mews news this morning is that I HAVE A BRAND NEW KITTY BED!

A couple of years ago, Motor Man purchased a carrier for his laptop computer. Then, one night, he placed it on the floor over the heat/air conditioning vent to block the air flow.  I immediately commandeered that laptop case as my own. (Didn’t I do a good job of dispersing kitty fur all over it??)


During the winter months, that was my spot of choice. I enjoyed the wonderful heat emanating from that vent.

Then, last week, Motor Man suggested to Motor Mommy that she buy a REAL kitty bed for me and place it over the vent. He thought that may be more comfy for me than the laptop case.

Motor Mommy did so immediately, but she had her doubts.  She knows how peculiar particular us felines can be, and thought it might take a while for me to become accustomed to something new in the house – especially in MY area.

But I really fooled her…. I took to it right away – even before she had a chance to remove the price tag.


That Motor Man must really love me; when he first asked Motor Mommy to buy a bed for me, he said: “If she has a bed, her back won’t be right up against the wall.”


“It would be so much softer for her.”


“And she’ll have somewhere to rest her head.”


I wish all the kitties in the world had a Motor Man.

~These Days Of Mine~