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My First “Good Fences”

Earlier in my blogging career, I often linked up to a blog meme known as “Friday’s Fences”. My long time blogging buddy, Theresa at The Run*around* Ranch is now the host, and the name has been changed to “Good Fences”.  This is my first time participating in Good Fences.

The photo I’m sharing today was taken at the Outer Banks, just as you enter the 4-wheel-drive area of Corolla/Carova beach. This fence serves to keep the horses (and vehicles) from venturing further south. Pelicans often perch here.

pelicans on fence posts 7-18-2016 4-47-08 PM

I’m happy happier when this fence is on my side of the vehicle, because it means we’re driving onto the beach. When it’s on Motor Man’s side, it means we’re leaving the beach….and “my” horses.

~These Days Of Mine~

Surf, Sand, Sunrise….And A Horse

The last photos I shared of the beach were taken on a frighteningly foggy morning.

Our most recent trip was much more pleasant.

We were on the beach before sunrise.  (Golden hour contrails.)

contrails 3-24-2016 6-49-42 AM

Here comes the sun!

sunrise 3-24-2016 6-59-42 AM

There weren’t many folks on the beach that time of day, but shore birds were in abundance.

birds and sunrise 3-24-2016 7-22-06 AM

We only saw one horse; the consensus of the experts seems to be that, with springtime greenery sprouting, the horses are spending much of their time in the brush.

horse 3-24-2016 7-28-21 AM

It would have been nice to see more horses, but with a morning this beautiful…

sun over dune 3-24-2016 7-11-56 AM

…we have no complaints.

~These Days Of Mine~

What A Difference A Click Makes

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Motor Man and I went to the Outer Banks Saturday and drove up on the beach at Carova.

It’s a habit of mine to always take a picture of the beach as we’re riding along. Today, I’m sharing the picture I took Saturday, but I’m also showing you how one little mouse click can change a photo.

My camera is capable of doing SO much more than I currently do with it. And, perhaps one day, I’ll learn what all those settings mean.  But, in the meantime, I have a secret weapon that I sometimes use to spice up a picture.

This was the original picture I took Saturday:

beach1 4-11-2015 12-59-26 PM

The photo software program I use is Picassa, a free download. And there’s a magic icon on Picassa called “I’m Feeling Lucky”.  This is what happens to the above picture when I click that option:

beach 2 4-11-2015 12-59-26 PM

I hestitated to share this, not wanting my readers to think that I use this on all my photos. The changes made using “I’m Feeling Lucky” are frequently a little too dramatic. Personally, I feel this edited photo is  a bit over the top.

Thankfully, the automatic setting on our camera seems sufficient for most of the photos that I take…..until I learn how to really use it.

~These Days Of Mine~