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Wild Horses Again…Imagine That

Sunday was a perfectly beautiful fall day here in our area, so Motor Man and I, once again, headed to Carova.

And, once again, the wild horses provided us with some great shots. Let me explain how I took this first picture. As some of you know, there’s an ordinance requiring humans to stay at least 50 feet from the Corolla wild horses. Motor Man stopped our vehicle, I jumped out, used my zoom lens, snapped this picture and got right back in the vehicle.  When you see the video later in this post, you’ll see the importance of giving these horses their space.

I do believe we interrupted lunch time for this beauty.

But…. this….this just melted my heart.  We finally got to see the newest foal, a filly, born this season (late August).

Again, these photos were taken with my zoom lens.  I wouldn’t dare be that close.

And how many pictures did I take of this baby? I’m not tellin’.

But I promise that I won’t share them all in this post.

So, as you can tell, the horses were really making our day. And then we came upon this. You’ll want to have your volume on, and you should be able to watch in full screen.


I’m guessing these are two stallions? But I’m not sure.  And whether or not, the disagreement was as serious as it looked, I don’t really know. I’m just glad no humans were anywhere in the area. Because, obviously, for those few minutes, the horses weren’t paying much attention to their surroundings. (We were in our vehicle.)

And I found it so funny that the third horse really wanted in on the action. Watch at the 33 second mark, where it almost kicks up its hind feet….but not quite.  Then a few seconds later, a few kicks DO happen.

As I’ve said before, every visit to the beach is different. But not many are more action-filled than last Sunday’s trip.

~These Days Of Mine~


Beach Storm

A couple of weeks ago, Motor Man and I made a trip to the Outer Banks on a day that had started out sunny. But, during our visit, an afternoon storm approached.  We saw 50 horses that day, including these five down by the water.

5 horses 6-12-2016 6-26-14 PM

This was the view to the west at that same time. Those were some dark clouds.

cloud to the west 6-12-2016 6-30-35 PM

This picture was taken of those same five horses less than ten minutes after I took the above photo. Conditions definitely “deteriorated”, and quickly.

five in rain 6-12-2016 6-35-08 PM

Lightning, thunder and pouring rain…..and those horses didn’t seem bothered at all.

horses in pouring rain 6-12-2016 6-37-26 PM

This video I took (with the car window down) will give you an idea of the storm. You can see the lightning, but the wind was so strong, I’m not sure you can hear the thunder.

Although we’ve been on the beach in the rain, this was our first time being there during a thunderstorm.  It was very impressive. But, soon, the sun was beginning to break through the clouds.

clouds and dunes 6-12-2016 7-01-22 PM

And, on our way back, we stopped in the little village of Duck to watch the sun set.

sunset 6-12-2016 8-03-01 PM

Once again, we found that a trip to the beach is never boring.

~These Days Of Mine~

Quick Friends

In Wednesday’s post, I mentioned Renee and Mike. It seemed a bit odd to call them friends, since we had just met them briefly on the beach last summer while taking pictures of the wild horses.

But sometimes, you just “click” with someone, and a friendship is quickly born.

After the farewell party for Baby William at the Corolla Wild Horse Facility a couple of weeks ago, Renee and Mike continued on to the Outer Banks to begin their vacation.  Motor Man and I returned home, but later in the week, made a quick trip to the beach to join our friends. They’d vacationed in the area before, but had never extensively explored the beach in search of horses.

We were on the beach at sunrise, our very favorite time of the day to be there. It requires early rising, but it is SO worth it.

sunrise 5-16-2016 5-55-22 AM

Shortly after picking up Renee and Mike for their tour, we hit the lottery.  One of Renee’s wishes was to see Baby North Star, so far the only Corolla foal born this spring.  And, sure enough, we saw her with her family, down by the ocean.

north star2 5-16-2016 8-20-27 AM

I’m sure Motor Man and Mike wondered just how many times two grown women could squeal with delight at seeing that tiny horse. We photographed them from our vehicle a good distance away and then watched as they walked right by us.  (More squeals.)

Here sits a most patient man...

Here sits a most patient man…

This tour company aims to please: here’s your photo op with Baby North Star, folks.

renee and mike 5-16-2016 8-21-31 AM

And I managed to get this one of North Star with the dune as a backdrop. It almost appears that she’s standing in front of wallpaper.

baby north star 5-16-2016 8-22-21 AM

After a morning of finding and photographing horse, we introduced Renee and Mike to one of our favorite lunch spots: Cap’n Franks. (Their treat: thanks again!) Afterward, we posed for a picture along with their two sweet canine family members, Bodhi and Beemer.

williams keens close up 5-16-2016 12-19-028

Renee and Mike are just proof that a friendship can come about in an instant. And those wild Corolla horses are responsible for this one.

~These Days Of Mine~





Flowers, Gifts….And Wild Horses

Sunday, we had a full day of celebrating Mother’s Day.  Sundae and Gypsy each gave me a hanging basket. (Yes, it’s true.) Motor Man and I went out to breakfast with Marshall, and his gift to me was a nautical door decoration.

Motor Man and I then took his mom irises from our yard and treated her to lunch, a ride out in the country and an ice cream cone.

By this time, it was nearly mid-afternoon, and I thought we we would be heading home. Wrong. I should know my husband better than that.

His gift to me was a whirlwind trip to the Outer Banks to see “my” wild horses.

And, oh my goodness, did we see horses? Evidently they were all out enjoying the beautiful weather.

First, we saw these four beauties enjoying a meal up on one of the steepest dunes at the beach.  They were having a difficult time keeping their footing.

4 on dune 5-8-2016 4-53-32 PM

We don’t recall ever seeing as many hoof prints in the sand as we did on Sunday.  Apparently there had been a horse beach party earlier in the day.  We were glad to see some of them still enjoying the surf. (How about that blonde mane?  And the coloring on her friend is striking, too.)

blondie and friend 5-8-2016 4-58-42 PM

I never tire of scenes like this. Seeing the horses down by the water’s edge is always a treat.

4 horses on beach 5-8-2016 5-02-32 PM

It isn’t often that we get to see the horses running, but that was the case on the other side of the dunes.

5 running2 5-8-2016 5-39-53 PM

And, finally, allow me to introduce you to a celebrity of sorts. This is Gus.  Gus is a stallion that was brought to the Corolla area in November, 2014, from Cedar Island, NC in an attempt to begin strengthening the genetics of the herd. New blood, so to speak.  He is a descendant of the Shackleford Banks horses, and is a Colonial Spanish Mustang, as are the wild horses at Corolla.*

Gus was hanging out down by the water with his harem of three mares, when he spotted another stallion looking their way from the dunes. Gus went to take care of the situation.*

stallion gus2 5-8-2016 6-02-55 PM

The matter was taken care of in short order, and the other stallion retreated. Thankfully, no fighting was involved.  I could never choose a favorite of the pictures I’ve taken of the wild horses, but this would be high on the list. *

gus windblown 5-8-2016 6-03-05 PM

It was a perfect Mother’s Day: time spent with family, followed by a trip to see “my” beautiful horses on the beach.

db and horses2 5-8-2016 6-05-35 PM

 I am one fortunate girl.

*CORRECTION:  I have now learned that the black stallion was NOT Gus.  I will be also be sharing a correction on my next blog post.

~These Days Of Mine~

Busy Weekend, Part I

Some weekends are just more action-packed than others. And this past weekend was definitely one of those for us.

Thursday morning, Motor Man, my friend, Donna, and I went to the Outer Banks. We did a little shopping, had lunch, more shopping, had dinner and stayed the night.

Early Friday morning, we were up and on our way to Corolla in search of wild horses.  But first, we stopped to catch the sunrise, and Donna took this photo.  (Sorry for the rerun, Facebook friends.)  When she looked at the preview on her camera, she was so excited.  And I think it’s special, too.

db sunrise

We think we saw 60 horses, give or take a couple… or five.  We were too excited taking pictures to keep an accurate count.  These three were walking down one of the “back roads”.  We thought the one in the middle was especially beautiful.*

three 7-10-2015 9-27-21 AM

We could tell by the horses’ body language that things were a bit tense.

three2 7-10-2015 9-27-45 AM

We soon realized that these were two stallions, and we had our cameras ready for a serious “discussion”.

three4 7-10-2015 9-28-10 AM

But, discussion was apparently all there was to be this particular time, and the guys walked away rather peacefully.

discussion 7-10-2015 9-29-41 AM

It’s always a treat to see horses on the beach near the ocean, preferably walking IN the water,  and these five obliged us.

6 horses 7-10-2015 10-25-09 AM

It was a perfect day on the beach: comfortable temps, a nice breeze, sunshine, wild horses. During one of our stops, Motor Man shared a joke with Donna by the seaside.

donna and mm 7-10-2015 9-45-33 AM

Thanks, Motor Man for putting up with all our girly silliness, giggles, shopping, etc.

jrdb kiss 7-10-2015 9-43-32 AM

On Wednesday,  I’ll share part two of our busy weekend.

* As always, we were always more than the required 50 feet distance from the horses.  My photos were taken with a zoom lens, and most of them have been cropped to bring the images in closer than the distance they actually were.

~These Days Of Mine~