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Water Therapy

As you can well imagine, last week was an difficult one. But it was also a week of realizing how caring friends and family can be. I thank all of you for your thoughtful comments on the loss of my sister

Saturday afternoon, Motor Man and I had an invitation from a friend, Larry, to go out on his boat.  It was a beautiful day, and Motor Man quickly accepted the offer. He knew that I needed a little diversion from the emotions of the prior week.

We sailed out of beautiful Hampton Creek in….Hampton, Va.

hampton creek 8-1-2015 4-33-06 PM

Motor Man even took the wheel for awhile.

jr at the helm 8-1-2015 2-55-27 PM

Our ride took us out briefly into the Chesapeake Bay. We shared the waterway with sailboats,

sailboat 8-1-2015 3-03-31 PM


tug 8-1-2015 4-21-21 PM

And cargo ships. (Even though I realize quite a bit of it is rust, I love all the colors in this photo.)

cargo ship 8-1-2015 4-20-29 PM

I think “wakes” are pretty – as long as I’m in the boat that’s making them.

wake1 8-1-2015 3-06-30 PM

 Motor Man insisted that I “drive” the boat  – at least long enough for a photo op.

jrdb1 8-1-2015 4-31-32 PM

Thanks for the fun afternoon, Larry.

dbjr2 8-1-2015 4-32-019

We needed that.

 ~These Days Of Mine~

Frozen In Time

Motor Man and I began taking his mother to lunch on Sundays after his father passed away in September. Usually, we take her out for a ride afterward and call it our Sunday adventure.

Yesterday, we rode to Mathews County, Virginia. It’s about 60 miles northeast of us and is located on the Chesapeake Bay.

Nearby is the New Point Comfort Lighthouse, built in 1805. It’s the third oldest of the Chesapeake Bay lighthouses still standing.

npc lighthouse 1-26-2014 3-08-45 PM

These next pictures were taken from the New Point Comfort Reserve. In the distance is the Chesapeake Bay, and Mobjack Bay is to the far right.

new point comfort reserve 1-26-2014 3-17-08 PM

Although the temperatures were in the 40’s for the first time in several days, there was still a nip in the air, but the scenery was well worth braving the cold.

npc with walkway 1-26-2014 3-15-34 PM

Motor Man and his Mom waited in the truck while my camera and I ventured out to the end of this walkway.

npc reserve walkway 1-26-2014 3-17-47 PM

Mathews County is very rural, and the town of Mathews is your typical small town.

When Motor Man was a teenager, his Mom was a realtor and owned her own real estate business. She sold a few pieces of property in Mathews. Motor Man’s parents had considered purchasing one house in particular, and relocating to the area (at the time, they were living in Newport News).

still 15 1-26-2014 3-11-24 PM

Yesterday, Motor Man told his mom that it’s a good thing they didn’t buy that house back then. The area has changed so little, that, if they had, he would probably still be fourteen.

~These Days Of Mine~