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A Sweet Farewell

My faithful readers will recall Baby William, the Corolla foal born last summer, who had to be removed from the herd because of medical reasons. I’ve written several posts about William.   Motor Man and I have felt a bond with him since we saw him “in the wild” a couple of days before he was taken away for emergency medical treatment to save his life.

Last fall, we attended an Open House at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund rescue facility and met William in person.  He has a HUGE fan club, and many folks came out to see that little celebrity.

Thankfully, William is now completely healthy and has been adopted by a veterinarian in Delaware. The folks at the CWHF decided to have another Open House a couple of weeks ago as a sort of farewell/send-off party for William. Of course, Motor Man, our friend, Donna, and I just had to attend.

sweet william 5-14-2016 3-09-32 PM

We just can’t love on William enough.

donna and wm 5-14-2016 12-36-24 PM

William has a few canine fans in addition to his human ones.

william and boxer 5-14-2016 12-31-39 PM

 Amadeo is the blind stallion who was rescued from the ocean a couple of years ago.  We were surprised to see him out of the pasture at the Open House.  It was just amazing to actually “pet” a former wild stallion, especially one with such an amazing rescue story.

amadeo and db1 5-14-2016 2-04-45 PM 5-14-2016 2-04-45 PM

Last summer, Motor Man and I met a couple, Renee and Mike, on the beach at Corolla. They live in Ohio and have been vacationing in the Outer Banks for several years.  Renee loves the wild horses just as I do.  As we stood on the beach last summer, taking pictures of the horses, we struck up a conversation and later became friends on Facebook.  As it turned out, Renee and Mike were on their way to the Outer Banks the day of William’s Farewell Party, and their route took them right by the rescue facility. So….they stopped by!  Renee follows the CWHF Facebook page and knew William’s story.  She was thrilled to meet him before he moved from the area.

renee noel and william 5-14-2016 2-53-21 PM

And we were happy to be there when they visited. The occasion called for a photo.

renee db and horses 5-14-2016 3-02-48 PM

It was a nice send-off for Sweet William, who arrived at his new home the following day. His story has touched so many people; it’s nice to know that he is well and now has a forever home.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

We are on the verge of the weekend, and it’s time for five randoms.

1.)  I must post a correction:  the black stallion I shared photos of in Wednesday’s post was, in reality, NOT Gus. I had attempted to confirm it as I was writing the post, but  I learned later that it wasn’t.  This was the Gus imposter that we saw:

gus lookalike 5-8-2016 6-00-41 PM

And the REAL Gus in this photo from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

Corolla Wild Horse Fund photo

Corolla Wild Horse Fund photo

So I apologize for the incorrect information. And one day, I hope we’ll see the REAL Gus.

2.) Wednesday, Motor Man and I had been out to lunch, and as we were walking back to our vehicle, I tripped on the curb and fell.  Why is it that, when you fall,  it takes forever to actually hit the ground? I remember thinking: can I please just fall already and get this over with? As Motor Man helped me to my feet, a young woman came running over to us to see if I was okay.  She retrieved my shoe and offered to go inside and get me another soft drink (I had dropped mine during the fall). The folks in the drive-thru were certainly treated to a show as they waited in line. No serious injuries: just some soreness, and my pride was more than a little bruised.

3.) Anybody seen Sundae? Cute: earlier this morning, she “kissed” me on my ear.  Not cute: it was 4:45 this morning and woke me from a sound sleep.

sundae toes

4.) Yesterday, I spent much of the day running errands. Soon after I returned to the shop, Gypsy was in my lap in her signature position. Silly girl cat.

gypsy1 5-12-2016 7-18-30 PM

5.) And, finally, in our travels, Motor Man and I recently saw this truck-being-used-as-a-billboard.  I’ve sometimes heard the word realtor pronounced “reel-a-tor”, but I was a bit surprised to see it spelled this way in the web address.  Oh well, if you’re looking for real estate in  southeast Virginia/northeast North Carolina, here’s your link.


Happy weekend!  We’re hoping for some sun for a change.

~These Days Of  Mine~

The Most Beautiful Sky

Our friend, Bev, joined us for our most recent trip to Corolla to see the wild horses. She and Motor Man were laughing at me because I kept commenting on how beautiful the sky was. They really teased me when I finally announced that it just may have been the most beautiful sky I’d ever seen.

But, later in the day, when Bev saw some of the photos I’d taken, I think she agreed.

clouds and dunes 4-23-2016 12-24-26 PM

Oh, and by the way, we saw wild horses under that perfect sky. Among them, this stallion and his two mares.   I learned a new horse term compliments of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page: when a stallion steers the mares in his harem in the direction he wants them to go by lowering his head like this, it’s called “snaking”. (Motor Man wishes….)

snaking 4-23-2016 12-38-52 PM

Further along, we saw another stallion with his harem of three mares.

4 horses 1 fin 4-23-2016 12-56-51 PM

Did you happen to notice something else in the photo? Dolphins, very close to the shore.

2 horses 3 fins 4-23-2016 12-56-36 PM

Once I uploaded my photos at home and compared them to some on the Corolla Wild Horse Facebook page, I learned that this handsome boy is the son of Amadeo, the blind stallion rescued from the ocean, who’s now a pampered resident of the Corolla Wild Horse Rescue Facility.  (We met him at the Open House last fall.)  You just never know who you’ll meet on the beach.

amadeos son and 1 mare4-23-2016 1-12-49 PM 4-23-2016 1-12-49 PM

On our way back through the tiny village of Corolla, I took this picture of the Currituck Light.

currituck light 4-23-2016 1-34-26 PM

And if that’s not the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen, it’s definitely in the top two.

~These Days Of Mine~

Rescues: The Series, Part 2

During our visit to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund’s rescue facility on Saturday, we met Amadeo.  I remember his story from the CWHF Facebook page a couple of years ago. It’s an amazing one.

This is Amadeo as a wild stallion on the beaches of Corolla.  I did not take this photo;  it’s on the CWHF FB page.

amadeo in the wild-001

Corolla Wild Horse Fund photo

One evening in the spring of 2013, a local resident saw a horse running into the ocean.  Although the horses DO go into the ocean, this man knew that something was wrong. The water temperature was too cold, and the horse was running at full speed into the water.  The CWHF folks, as well as Corolla Ocean Rescue and Carova Fire and Rescue were called.

The horse (yes,  it was Amadeo) was struggling, but finally was able to get footing on a sandbar.  Miraculously,  the CWHF and ocean rescue folks were able to get him to shore and into a trailer.  Amadeo is an “aged stallion”, and the CWHF volunteers soon learned that he has very limited, if any, eyesight due to a fight with another stallion.

But, because of their excellent care, Amadeo is now doing well and living the good life at their rescue facility.

am 10-31-2015 11-06-26 AM

We were introduced to him by this fine gentleman, Mike Gaulding. Mike is the farrier who cares for the horses at the facility and travels to the beach if one of the wild Corolla horses is in need of his services.

am and mike 10-31-2015 11-02-41 AM

Mike told us how much Amadeo loves neck scratches, then went in his paddock to give us a demonstration. It’s obvious there’s a special bond between the two of them.

mike am 10-31-2015 11-08-59 AM

Soon, my horse-loving friend, Donna, had coaxed Amadeo over to the fence, so she could give him some love.

donna with amadeo 10-31-2015 11-14-45 AM

I tell you, the two of us were like little girls around all those horses.

db donna amadeo 10-31-2015 11-15-18 AM

We’re so happy that, thanks to so many caring people, Amadeo’s story has a happy ending.  And knowing what a tragic ending that story could have had, meeting him in person was….just….special.

~These Days Of Mine~



Rescues: The Series, Part I

Saturday morning, Motor Man, our friend, Donna, and I were up and heading south well before sunrise.

sunrise 10-31-2015 7-33-31 AM

Our destination was a little town about 90 minutes away in North Carolina.  The reason for our trip was an open house, hosted by The Corolla Wild Horse Fund (CWHF), the organization that manages “my” wild horses on the beach in the Outer Banks.

You may remember my post from back in the summer about William, the little Corolla foal, who was born with health issues and had to be removed from the herd when he was just a few days old.

The open house on Saturday was a chance for the public to meet William and other horses rescued from the herd.

William was definitely the star of the show, and I’ll share lots of photos of him later in the week. But there were other horses at the facility who have amazing stories of survival.

Meet seven-year old Noel, who had her hair done especially for the occasion.

noels mane 10-31-2015 10-19-36 AM

Noel was given her name when she was rescued around Christmastime in 2011. She had somehow fallen/jumped into one of the canals in the beach area and fractured her femur.

db donna noel 10-31-2015 10-21-35 AM\

Although she can never be ridden because of her injury, she is completely healed. Noel is somewhat of an educational ambassador for the CWHF. (The manager told me that she’d even been INSIDE their wild horse museum located in the village of Corolla).  Donna and I really enjoyed spending time with  sweet Noel.

db noel and her braids 10-31-2015 10-47-11 AM

And I think the feeling was mutual.

donna and noel 10-31-2015 10-46-40 AM

Another Corolla Mustang at the rescue facility is Sunshine.  She was rescued about two months ago when it was discovered that she had a very nasty abscess on one of her legs.  She is healing very nicely, and, since we had read of her rescue on the CWHF Facebook page, we were so glad to meet her and see her looking well.

sunshine1 10-31-2015 9-47-52 AM

All of my posts this week will be about our wonderful experience on Saturday. And since Baby William was definitely the star of the show, I’m saving him for last. Oh, okay, I just can’t resist sharing one picture of him today.

meeting wm 10-31-2015 9-30-25 AM

And  I can promise you there are many more to come…

~These Days Of  Mine~

Random Five Friday

Five randoms to begin the Fourth of July weekend:

1.)  Of my six uncles, only one was a “bonafide” farmer, but I think the other five all had gardens. So did my mom and probably all five of her sisters at one time or another.  Summertime visits to my grandmother’s, where the aunts and uncles gathered frequently, brought about talk of corn “tossling” (tassling) as well as ripening tomatoes. I seem to recall that if either of those things happened by the Fourth of July, that particular summer’s garden was deemed a success.

2.) Yesterday, I paid a visit of condolence to a dear friend who had lost her son-in-law.  My travels took me through some wonderful Virginia countryside, where I saw quite a bit of corn “tossling” in the fields.

corn field lane 7-2-2015 2-52-10 PM 7-2-2015 2-52-10 PM

3.) You most likely recall my post about baby Guillermo/William from the Corolla Wild Horse herd. We had seen William when he was only three days old, then the following day learned that he had been rushed to a vet hospital in critical condition.  Since that post, William has greatly improved.  The GoFundMe page to help with his medical expenses has resulted in donations of over $22,000 to date, which has enabled him to get the best of care.  Baby William now has a surrogate mother named Pebbles.  This video warmed my heart when the Corolla folks shared it yesterday. To think little William once required CPR and oxygen….

4.)  My friend, Donna, spent last Friday night with us in order to take in the Olden Days festivities.  Sundae was her sleeping companion for much of the night (good thing Donna is a kitty lover).  Saturday afternoon, when I returned home from the festival, I found that, after we left home that morning, Sundae had apparently brought Donna a “gift”.  Sundae had deposited her favorite toy: a stuffed octopus just inside the doorway of the guest bedroom.

sundaes gift1 6-28-2015 6-51-53 PM

5.) Our plans for the Fourth really aren’t in place yet, but our flags sure are.




What are you planning for the holiday weekend?


~ These Days Of Mine~


Baby William

You most likely recall this photo I posted last week after our most recent trip to see the wild horses of Corolla, North Carolina. It was my favorite picture taken that day.

guillermoa 6-15-2015 12-48-34 PM 6-15-2015 12-48-34 PM

That is Baby William. At birth, each of the Corolla wild horses is given a Latin name: his official name is Guillermo.  Since I published that post last week, little William’s life has changed dramatically.

I’ll provide links if you’d like more info, but here’s the situation in a nutshell: apparently William was born prematurely, and in addition to some health issues, also had a mother who wasn’t very patient with him.  According to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund  (the organization who cares for the horses),  she moved around quite a bit, making it difficult for him to nurse.

Back to the photo I took: William and four adult horses were in one of the canals in the Corolla/Carova area.  None of the other horses were paying any attention to William at all.  I thought that strange, because certainly ONE of them was his mom.  I had no cell phone coverage, but kept my eyes peeled for one of the CWHF tour vehicles, hoping to let them know of the situation.

Not seeing any, we returned to that area a short time later, and found William and the other horses on land. I was relieved.

mom and babe 6-15-2015 1-04-19 PM

The following day, there was a post on the CWHF Facebook page that William had been removed from the herd and taken to the vet.  The heat index in that area had been over 100 every day since he was born.  William had been carefully monitored since birth, and his health was deteriorating.   They feared that removing and trailering his mother would be too traumatic for her.

Does this photo not tug at your heart strings?

William en route to vet photo courtesy of Corolla Wild Horse Fund

William was taken to  North Carolina State University in Raleigh, where he began undergoing tests. It was determined that his bladder was leaking urine into his abdomen, and he was immediately taken to surgery.  Since that time, he has been in ICU, with the original report giving him a 60% chance of survival.

The update yesterday was much better. His catheter had been removed, he was no longer on oxygen, and he was learning to drink from a pan in hopes of removing his feeding tube.  Once he has recovered, he will, most likely, be adopted. After all the human contact, he won’t be returned to the herd.

William in ICU- note his little stuffed horse to the left CWHF photo

William in ICU-
note his little stuffed horse to the left
CWHF photo

The best way to learn more about William and follow his progress is by way of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page.

A GoFundMe account has been started to help with Baby William’s medical expenses. I realize we all have our preferred charities, and perhaps a tiny wild horse isn’t on your list. However, if you’re so inclined, please click on the GoFundMe link (above) to donate even a couple of dollars to help with Baby William’s medical care.

Perhaps because we saw him “in person”, Motor Man and I have been especially touched by William’s story.

Keep on getting stronger, Little One. We’re all pulling for you.

~These Days Of Mine~