Newest Foal, Breakdown and A Donation

How’s that for a blog post title? I promise: they’re all connected.

Yesterday, Motor Man and I made a trip to the Outer Banks. Normally, our drives to that area include riding along the beach, windows down, listening to oldies, looking for horses. Well, there was that time the alternator on our Tahoe stopped working. And the time we got stuck in the sand.  But those troublesome times are, thankfully, few and far between.

On our trip yesterday, we saw 23 horses, including the third foal born this season (that we know of, so far).  Meet Valor, first seen around Memorial Day.

When Valor was first discovered by the Corolla Wild Horse Folks, they thought SHE was a HE. But a couple of weeks later, on closer inspection, they learned that Valor is a sweet little filly.

I’m happy to have seen (and have photos of) all the foals born this season. It’s so exciting to see the little ones.

After spotting Valor, Motor Man and I continued along with our windows down, listening to our oldies, when suddenly, an alarm on the dash sounded.  And not just a simple “ding”….this was a constant “DING, DING, DING, DING”.  Motor Man looked to see the hand on the temperature gauge “pegged” (as far as it would go).

Houston, we have a problem…. and we’re in an off-road area, nearly five miles from a hard surface road.

Checking under the hood, we discovered that the fitting for the heater hose had broken off. That’s the hole in the picture below. And we had water coming out EVERYWHERE.

In our world, there’s a saying: “If it moves, and it shouldn’t, use duct tape. If it doesn’t move, and it should, use WD-40”.   Thankfully, we had a roll of duct tape among our supplies. And plenty of water to refill the reservoirs.

The tape held until we could get to the nearest hardware store to buy zip ties. (How did we ever live without ’em?)

Everything seemed fine until we were probably about 3/4 of the way home. When we were stopped at a red light, we noticed steam coming from under the hood. Again.

Then it was a quick stop at an auto parts store for a piece of hose, two hose clamps and a freezer plug.

And my McGyver Motor Man once again saved the day by bypassing where the heater hose was supposed to be.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad experience. We weren’t stranded for very long, we had a nice breeze while Motor Man worked under the hood, and we had water and the right tools in our vehicle to do the job.

So now that you know about the newest foal and the breakdown, here’s the news about the donation. You may recall that my blogging friend, Beth Ann, author of “It’s Just Life“, selects a cause each month, and for each comment left on her blog, donates 50-cents to that cause. Last month, she chose the Corolla Wild Horse Fund as her cause. She’s tallied up the numbers, and she and her husband, Chris, will be donating $250 to the CWHF! You may also recall that my sweet Motor Man suggested that he and I match Beth Ann and Chris’s donation, so we will also be mailing a check for $250 to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. And we’re happy to do so.

Thanks again, Beth Ann, and to all of you who visited her blog to help support “my” horses.

(And this concludes today’s very busy post.)

~These Days Of Mine~


12 responses to “Newest Foal, Breakdown and A Donation

  1. So happy to be able to highlight your horses this past month. I loved it and I will be so excited to get to see them in person someday. I also forgot to tell you that I can also submit this donation to be matched by Chris’s company (which I usually do all of them at the end of the year) so the gift will get even larger. Already made the donation this morning and am so grateful for Motor Man’s generosity as well which will help make a difference to CWHF ! Thank you for your love of the horses! So glad your trip was saved by your handy Motor Man!

  2. Awful hot to be under the hood of a car, even for a short time, as yesterday was brutal! Glad a relatively short fix. Picture of Valor was great! A wonderful thing on the donations, I know they will appreciate!!

  3. What a great turnout for the Corolla Wildlife Horse Fund Beth Ann had last month and that you and MM “matched” ! I know they will appreciate that so very much. Valor is a beautiful addition to the herd and I hope she’s healthy and happy forever along with all the others and especially the two other “newbies” ! Good thing MM had all the right stuff (yay for duct tape) to keep the Tahoe going enough to get it back home again. Your day at the beach turned out to be great after all.


  4. Motor man is amazing. How blessed you are that he could take care of such challenges.

  5. WOW – now that’s what I call an eventful trip with a happy ending! A well-stocked tool kit and a Motor Man who knows what to do with them. I agree about the duct tape, WD 40, and zip ties. I’d add Gorilla glue to that now! Valor is a beautiful addition to the horse herd. A HUGE Thank You and shout out to Beth Ann and you and Motor Man for the donation to those beautiful horses.

  6. I’m also lucky enough to have a handy ‘motorman’ for a husband (not to mention my two ‘gearhead’ sons). Love your photos of the wild horses and the generous donations to their fund.

  7. You certainly don’t have time to get bored.

  8. So pleased about the donation to the horses and happy to have found you here through our mutual friend Beth Ann. Your hubby sounds like mine, great to have around when things go wrong.

  9. So glad you had the tools & talent to get the job done !
    That’s great news about the extra donations for the horses, and great that you spotted Valor and got pics !

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I am convinced, JR is like Chuck, they can do many amazing things. I agree the ponies are precious and happy to see them. Congrats on the great donations!!

  11. What a lovely way to donate to a worthy cause. I am super impressed with Motor Man. I think we would have been stranded. Glad he had the know how and things worked out well. Great photos and loved the sweet little filly.

  12. Yay! Well, not about the breakdown. But yay for the new foal and yay for the wonderful donation. And I guess, yay for duct tape?? 😉

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