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Breakfast Interrupted

It’s obvious that these two eagles consider the pilings at the marina in front of our house a favorite morning hang-out.

two eagles 12-16-2013 8-28-08 PM

Recently we’ve seen them there several mornings.  These pictures were taken early yesterday. When I uploaded them to my computer, I noticed in this next photo, that the eagle on the left was looking down at something on the piling.

looking down 12-16-2013 8-28-15 PM

Right after I took that picture, the eagles became aware of me, and the one on the left flew away. When I uploaded this next picture and zoomed in on it,  I realized that apparently I had interrupted his meal.

eagle with fish 12-16-2013 8-28-36 PM

And he was off to find a more secluded spot to enjoy his breakfast.

~These Days Of Mine~