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….Outback Kitty.

outback kitty 4-1-2014 7-44-34 PM

Behind our shop (in the same general area where we discovered Gypsy last summer), we’ve noticed this pretty little ginger kitty.

And….we have started feeding him/her.  But he/she is feral, and Monday was the first day he/she has stopped to look at me, rather than just running away.

Isn’t that just the sweetest little face? Right now we just refer to him/her as “Outback Kitty”, as in outback of the shop.

My friend, Donna, has promised to give me instructions on how to tame kitties. We’re certainly not looking for another pet, but we should do the responsible thing and have him/her immunized and neutered/spayed.

Stay tuned…

~These Days Of Mine~