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Random Five Friday

Happy 2nd day of June! Here are five randoms to begin my favorite month:

1.) It’s been a busy few days in our yard. Last week, I was out tidying up, doing some planting, etc., and this happened. Guess I took the curve a little too fast. (Yes, I tend to “hoard” those little information tags that are included with plants. I need intervention.)

2.) A couple of days later, I opened the curtains to find this situation on our deck. I had just planted those flowers the day before AND sprayed them with Liquid Fence. I’m guessing a squirrel must have thought I’d buried a nut in the bottom of the pot just for him. Wrong.

3.) Wednesday afternoon, storms moved through our area.  We didn’t have any severe weather, thankfully, but the clouds were simply amazing.

4.) Recently, Motor Man and I had dinner at a little local waterfront restaurant.  Pretty nice scenery, I’d say.

5.) This is birthday weekend for me. The celebrations have already begun: lunch Wednesday with a friend, and lunch today with more friends. Sunday, I’ll be celebrating with my two guys: beginning another trip around the sun.

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~