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Poetic Thursday: Rescued

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s also time for some poetry with Pam and her boys, Teddy and Angel Sammy at Two Spoiled Cats.

This was today’s photo inspiration provided by Pam and her guys last week:

And here’s my poem:


We’re salty old tars and we’ve seen some high seas,
but rarely do they bring us to our knees.

But this time was different: we needed rescue.
A shipmate was hurt: there was nothing more we could do.

We soon knew that help was nearby,
but they couldn’t reach us; the swells were too high.

But they quickly came up with a plan
to escort our vessel closer to land.

In calmer waters, with acts quick and brave,
the heroes came through and a life was saved.

Oftentimes, when I see one of Pam’s photos for Poetry Thursday, I am curious about the picture: what is the story behind it, who was the photographer, etc. So this week, as I was working on a poem for today, I happened to Google the ship number on the fishing vessel in the picture. My search turned up another photo, courtesy of Flickr, and the caption tells about the event, which happened in March of 2013 .  My poem was inspired by Pam’s photo and is based on this caption:

A Royal Air Force search and rescue Sea King helicopter comes to the aid of the French Fishing vessel Alf (LS683637) during a storm in the Irish Sea.
The helicopter crew rushed to the aid of an injured fisherman trapped by bad weather on the Irish Sea.
The Royal Navy Hydrographic survey vessel HMS Echo was carrying out maritime security operations when she received a request for assistance from Milford Haven Coastguard. The coastguard had already scrambled both an RAF search and rescue helicopter and an RNLI lifeboat to rescue the fisherman, but weather conditions were deteriorating fast. The 5 metre high swell meant it was not possible to lower a winchman safely onto the French vessel’s deck and assist the fisherman who was showing signs of hypothermia.
Once Echo was called in, the 3,500 tonne ship attempted to provide some shelter for the RNLI lifeboat to get alongside the French fishing vessel, Alf, but once again the weather prevented a rescue. This left them with no choice but to escort the fishing vessel closer inland before the helicopter was able to winch the injured fisherman to safety.

~These Days Of Mine~