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Full Wolf Moon Tree Topper

Just in case you missed it, the moon was full Friday evening. The Full Wolf Moon.

We didn’t see it that evening, but as I glanced out of the window Saturday evening, this caught my eye.

As I took a few photos, I had an idea, one that meant standing outside in the (very) cool air, waiting for things to align. Motor Man wasn’t outside, but he was keeping an eye on the moon – and me – from inside.

Although I knew I could line up the moon with the top of the sailboat decorated like a Christmas tree (at the marina), I didn’t count on some of the lights being out at the top of the “tree”.

To the rescue:  Picasa, an old Windows photo editing program that has been discontinued, but that we still have on a couple of our computers.

And although the temperatures weren’t frigid as I waited for the moon to rise “to the top of the tree”, it was a little uncomfortable outside. I’d grabbed a light jacket and slipped on flip-flops on my way out the door.

But I had this thought: no one else in the world had the exact view that I did….standing there with yet another harebrained idea for a picture, my toes getting colder by the minute, as was my dinner…

Worth it.

~These Days Of Mine~