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Snugg Demonstrates Comfy

From time to time, I’ve shared photos of Marshall’s kitty, Snugg. When Marshall forwards a photo to me of Snugg, I never know what to expect, but I do know that it’s going to be interesting.

"Let's see, I think this is how the humans do it."

“Let’s see, I think this is how the humans do it.”


Well, sometimes, this is more comfy.

“Well, sometimes, this is more comfy.”


What? Humans don't lie like this?

“What’s that? Humans don’t lie like this?”


You really should try it: it's rather relaxing.

“You really should try it, you know: it’s rather relaxing.”

Maybe we’ll just take your word for it on that last position, Snugg.

~These Days Of Mine~