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Random Five Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve shared random thoughts, so today seems a good day for that:

1.) Last Sunday, we celebrated Marshall’s birthday as we usually do: at The Olde Chickahominy House restaurant in Williamsburg.  If you’re ever in the area, the food is great, and the staff is so friendly.

2.)  An x-rated performance by one of our resident bird seed thieves squirrels. What a view from our kitchen window….

3.) One of this year’s babies, checking out the buffet. The love-hate relationship continues. I love how beautiful they are (just look at that sweet face), but hate that they destroy some of my plants. (The purple bloom in the foreground is a butterfly bush, which they ignore.)

4.) Speaking of deer, I’ve put netting over my gladioli to protect them. It’s worked up to a point, but, recently, when I checked, I saw they had pulled the netting off one of the plants and eaten the buds.  I have managed to salvage a few blooms. Glads are among my favorite plants, and apparently, the deer feel the same way.

5.) And last, but not least, Motor Man had surgery yesterday for a hernia that’s been causing him pain for the past three months.  It was outpatient, and he’s doing very well. We’re thankful that’s behind him, and he can begin the recovery. Oh, and I found a little something for him in the hospital gift shop. He named him “Herbie”.

Enjoy the weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

Favorite Moments Of Summer

The prompt I chose for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week is:

4.) List your top 6 favorite summer moments so far.

We’ve had several family gatherings this summer, which of course, are always special. But today, I’m focusing on some simple moments of summer.

1.) A butterfly on one of my Sweet Williams. My grandma always grew these flowers, and my mom loved butterflies.

butterfly on sw william 7-8-2013 2-16-25 PM

2.) My grandmother also grew gladioli. This is a photo of one of mine, taken during sunrise.

glad at sunrise a 7-9-2013 6-07-50 AM 7-9-2013 6-07-50 AM

3.) After several dry days with 90+ degree temps, rain was a welcome sight.

rain2 7-11-2013 12-45-45 PM

4.) Although every moment spent with my “babies” is special, they’re even more beautiful during golden hour.

swans and marina 5-22-2013 6-22-44 PM

5.) You know that seeing “my” horses on the Outer Banks would be among my favorite moments of summer.

horses on the beach 7-21-2013 7-18-23 AM

6.) And although I love waking in time to catch the sunrise, there’s something peaceful and calming about a sunset.

sunset june 23 6-23-2013 8-18-02 PM

Feel free to share some of your favorite moments of the summer…

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My Inheritance: A Green Thumb?

Today, I’m participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, and I chose this prompt:

3.) Do you have a green thumb? Tell us what kind of gardener you are.

You may recall I’ve mentioned that my Mom was one of twelve children.  They were a farming family, and most of them continued to have vegetable and/or flower gardens when they were well into their eighties.

Although I don’t claim to have inherited their green thumbs, I do enjoy dabbling with flowers. Many times when I’m out planting, watering or trimming, I’m reminded of the flowers my mom, her sisters and my grandma grew.

So, what type of gardener does this make me? I’m not sure, but definitely one who’s reminded of her ancestors as she goes about her little gardening tasks.

When we’re in the midst of a “dry spell”, and I’m hopeful praying for a rain shower, it’s the same feeling I’m sure they had many times. And when I smile at a perennial’s first little green sprout in the spring, I know it’s something they smiled about, too.

They, too, saw times that they were dirty, sweaty and exhausted after working outside, but knew all that work was necessary in order to avoid losing something they had planted.

With all that in mind, here’s what’s growing around here these days:

My grandmother always grew gladioli. Mine are doing well this summer…thanks to Liquid Fence. Without that, the glads would have been deer dinner weeks ago.

The little yellow vine is a black-eyed susan.  It has quite a task this summer to climb that trellis, but it’s off to a good start.

This huge flowerpot is filled with yellow portulaca and a citrus-scented geranium (mosquito plant).

Marshall gave me this hydrangea a few years ago. When he gave it to me, the blooms were blue, but because of our soil, they’re now pink. (My sweet mother called hydrangeas “high geraniums”.) The deer have enjoyed some of the leaves (top right), but left the blooms for me to enjoy.

In honor of my Mom’s family, I’m sharing this next picture, taken recently at Bacon’s Castle. This hydrangea has both pink and blue blooms on the same shrub.  Visitors to the Castle have suggested that the lime in nearby bricks may be the reason. I have to wonder if this was growing here all those years ago when Mom and her family called Bacon’s Castle home.

This is a close-up of one of the blue blooms: my very favorite. One day I’ll attempt to adjust our soil, so our hydrangeas will be blue, rather than pink. Or perhaps, I’ll have both colors on the same bush!

No, my thumb would never be that green.

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