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A Wish Come True, Part 2

As I posted about on Monday, my niece, Barb, and I took a trip last week to meet in person some Gypsy horses.  Barb was invited by her Facebook friend, Darcy, to visit her farm and see her horses Hemi, Honey, Drago, Valhalla and sweet baby girl, Chevelle.

Not long after we arrived at Darcy’s (and while we were loving on her horses), she made a phone call. Then told us that a friend of hers, Rosie, who lives just a few minutes away, also has Gypsy horses. AND, had a filly born just six days prior.  Darcy had called to ask if it were okay for us to visit. And Rosie said yes!

Meet sweet baby “Trea”, whose given name is “Blackbeard’s Hidden Treasure”. That’s mom Winnie in the background.

Darcy and Rosie explained that I should get down on Trea’s level, so she could check me out.


Both Darcy and Rosie tried to teach me how to hold Trea to give her a hug. It took a few attempts, but it was fun learning.

This is Rosie, loving on that adorable baby.

And just look at “Auntie Darcy” getting sweet baby kisses.

Trea was very interested in nibbling on the back of my neck, my hair and my shirt sleeve.

Darcy and Rosie, along with their beautiful horses, certainly gave Barb and me a day to remember. We are so grateful for their kindness.

~These Days Of Mine~





Random Five Friday

Closing out the week with five random thoughts:

1.)  You’re never too old to daydream. Nearly three years ago, friends of ours introduced us to friends of theirs who own a Gypsy horse farm. After we visited, I began following them on Facebook. Yesterday, they posted that they’re offering this 3-year old colt, named Bolt, for sale.  Alas, it’s only a daydream: I’m too old, have nowhere to keep him, no time to take care of him…. but isn’t he one of God’s most beautiful creatures?

colt for sale

And, he has blue eyes. Sigh…….a girl can dream…..

bolts blue eyes

2.) The weather recently has been unbelievably nice. And the sunsets beyond gorgeous. This one was March 9:

sunset sooc 3-9-2016 6-14-20 PM

And this was Wednesday evening’s.

sunset 3-16-2016 6-18-24 PM

3.) Next week, I’ll share a post about our most recent day trip. It involved an early morning; we were about an hour from home when we caught the sunrise.

sunrise 3-17-2016 6-13-11 AM

4.) I’m still adjusting to the time change, waking (for some reason) every morning between 3 and 4 am.  Thankfully, most mornings, I do catch another couple of hours of sleep.  I remember when I was a child, and Daylight Savings Time began, my mom and grandmother would often say: “Well, it’s only {for example} five o’clock by the sun.”  Now, when I compare the actual time to what time it is by the sun, I think of them and smile.

5.)  Motor Man is always sharing funny stories from his childhood with me.  This past week, he shared one I hadn’t heard.  When he was a young boy, he lived on a fairly busy street.  He and his buddies partners-in-crime would occasionally crouch down between parked cars and when a car would pass by, they would make the sound of a police siren.  Well, of course, I had to get him to re-enact for me.

Your randoms today?

~These Days Of Mine~

Meeting Gypsies

Some time back, Motor Man had mentioned my love of Friesian horses to Wayne, a friend of ours. As it turns out, Wayne has a colleague who owns several Gypsy horses and a Friesian.

The colleague, Travis, lives just a few hours away, so last week, Motor Man and I, along with Wayne and his wife, Jimmie, went to visit Travis and his family.

Could we have had a more gorgeous day for a road trip? I don’t think so.

mountains clouds

I tried to make notes on the names of all the horses; I really did.  But when I uploaded my photos, I discovered that I didn’t do too well. Here’s Travis, showing us one of their beautiful Gypsy horses.

travis and gypsy1_Snapseed

Our friends, Wayne and Jimmie, in the background. Travis, his wife, Tabatha and their younger daughter, Charlie.

wayne jimmie etc

This is Telia, another Gypsy. Telia was overdue to have her foal; evidently she didn’t get the memo that she was supposed to have it in time for us to see it during our visit.

Telia: “Believe me, I would have loved to have obliged you.”

travis and telia-001

And this is their Friesian. I think his name is Honda.


Older daughter, Laken, with her blue-eyed Gypsy named Daisy.

laken with daisy

Charlie also has a horse of her own, but it was out in the pasture. Meanwhile, she was having fun with the barn cat, Mater. Mater was just “hangin’ around”.

charlie and mater

We had a great time meeting Travis and his family; they were so kind to show us around their farm and introduce us to their horses. We definitely feel as though we made new friends, both human and equine.


And, tomorrow, for Barn Charm, I’ll share photos of their barn.