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Sawyer Brown

If you were listening to country music in the mid 1980’s, you probably remember a band by the name of Sawyer Brown.  They appeared on the tv talent show “Star Search” in 1983, winning the Vocal Group category that year. Do any of these song titles ring a bell: “Step That Step”, “Betty’s Bein’ Bad”, “The Walk”, “I’ll Take The Dirt Road”, “Some Girls Do”, “Cafe On The Corner”, “All These Years”, “Smokin’ In The Rockies”? Obviously they’ve had many hits.

I don’t recall how I first came to know about them, but saw them in concert at Harborfest in Norfolk in 1986.  The following year, I saw them at Hampton Coliseum, when they opened for Hank Williams, Jr.  The afternoon of that concert, they appeared at a meet and greet at a local record shop (remember those?).

Marshall and I attended that meet and greet. I still remember little Marshall’s comment to Mark Miller, the lead singer: “I like your music.”

I forgot what I said – I’m guessing I was a bit more stage struck than Marshall.

I also went to a couple more of their concerts, the last one being probably 1995-1996.

Recently, I learned that they would be performing at a theater about an hour from us.  Our tickets to the concert were part of Motor Man’s Valentine gift to me.

The venue was The Beacon Theater in Hopewell, Va. The Beacon was built in 1928, and was originally a silent movie and vaudeville show theater.  It was abandoned in 1981, and sat vacant for many years until a renovation project began in 1999. The theater reopened in 2015. When we stepped inside last Friday evening, I recalled that the last time I was in that building was in 1967, when my late sister, Rose, took me to see the movie “To Sir With Love”.

Motor Man and I had purchased passes for a meet and greet prior to the concert. Sadly, we weren’t able to take our camera in the theater, so cell phone pictures would have to do.

Mark was as personable as could be, as were the other band members.

I took with me the photos from 1987.  All the guys seemed to have one comment at seeing those: “Wow”.

Since I’d kept up with the pictures all these years, I thought it appropriate to have them autographed.

For those of you who remember Sawyer Brown, I thought you might like to see this video I took during the concert, again with my cell phone.  As you can see, we had great seats, and the show was as much as fun as the ones I attended years ago.


Motor Man enjoyed the concert almost as much as I did, so I’m thinking that, the next time Sawyer Brown returns to our area, you just may find us in the audience.

~These Days Of Mine~






8 Seconds

Motor Man and I had a new experience Saturday evening: we went to our first ever bull-riding competition: The PBR (Professional Bull Riding) tour at Hampton Coliseum.

Before that, the only thing I knew about bull riding was that, in order to earn any points, the rider needs to stay on the bull for 8 seconds.

And, after Saturday night….. that’s still about the only thing I know about bull-riding.

But, it was fun, and I thought I’d share some highlights of the evening.

Our friend, Bev, and her family were there, too. How cute is her little grandson, Tanner, all decked out in his cowboy hat? (Thanks to Tanner’s mom, Lacey, for the pic.)

tanner laceys pic2

Before the show began,  a dee-jay from the sponsoring radio station  encouraged everyone to text photos taken at the event for a chance to win a Visa gift card. Lacey texted this next photo of Tanner, and they won! The deejay shared the picture on the station’s web-site with this comment: “How could I not pick this cute little dude?”.

tanner  -laceys pic-001

Perhaps my favorite part of the evening occurred during the opening ceremonies. Following the invocation, the audience was invited to sing along with a recorded rendition of the National Anthem.  I don’t know how many other folks felt as I did, but I thought it was special to be a part of that. Why doesn’t that happen more often?

Then, the excitement began. Just before all the riders were introduced, the lights dimmed and we noticed a couple of guys pouring a liquid along a chalk line in the dirt. Although we assumed what would happen before the fire was actually lit, it was a rather spectacular sight.

fire 1-1-2006 12-08-52 PM

I texted a photo of Tanner to my friend, Donna, and she replied that she’d like to see a picture of Motor Man in his cowboy hat. Since he doesn’t have one, Tanner allowed us to borrow his.

dbjr 3-7-2015 7-26-38 PM

According to the Coliseum’s web-site, no detachable lens cameras are allowed at events, so I relied on a small, older digital camera. That made photos somewhat challenging.  Surprisingly enough, though, it took acceptable videos. This rider was one of the few who “hung on” for the required 8 seconds.

Bev and I were discussing the experience yesterday, and she made a good point: seeing it in person makes you realize that 8 seconds is a l-o-n-g time for someone to stay on a bucking bull.

~These Days Of Mine~