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To celebrate our anniversary yesterday, Motor Man and I took a little drive into North Carolina.

We stopped in the tiny town of Hertford, where we saw trees dressed in Spanish Moss. It seemed odd to see that; there’s none where we live, and Hertford is only about 90 minutes south of us.

trees 2-2-2016 11-08-14 AM

We had lunch at the old-fashioned soda fountain inside Woodard’s Drug Store.

woodards 2-2-2016 11-23-35 AM

Nearby, we found an antique shop (imagine that?!)  where I spotted this sweet little treasure. And Motor Man decided that it would make a nice anniversary gift.

cabinet 2-2-2016 6-01-42 PM

The price tag read “child’s Hoosier cabinet, 1939”, and this is handwritten on the bottom:

made for gladys watkins 2-2-2016 6-00-47 PM

It’s fun to imagine Mr. Wise (perhaps a neighbor) crafting this little cabinet for Gladys Watkins, most likely for Christmas.  And I think it’s sweet that he referred to her as “Miss”.  I wasn’t familiar with the town of Spindale, so I researched and learned that it’s about 6 hours west of Hertford. Now to find the perfect spot for Gladys’ cabinet in our home….

And then, we continued on our ride, meandering through the countryside and returned home by early evening.

jrdb 2-2-2016 2-01-39 PM

Simple, happy celebration.

~These Days Of Mine~

At Last

I just love weddings.  In addition to being so romantic and beautiful, it’s always interesting to see how the bride and groom “personalize” the ceremony to make it their own.

Motor Man and I attended a wedding Saturday afternoon. He met Mitch, the groom, at our local race track back in the 70’s.  Mitch and Trish, his bride, have been a couple for….18  (yes, 18) years. Earlier this year, they announced that they would be marrying in April. This was their wedding invitation:

invitation edited

Are you familiar with the Etta James’ song: “At Last”? If not, or if you’d just like to listen, here’s a link.

So imagine, if you will, Mitch, waiting, as the boat bringing his bride, arrives at the dock. And Etta (recorded, of course) is belting out the first lines of that song. “At last, my love has come along. My lonely days are over…”


I normally try to blink back tears at weddings. But when that song started, I knew that, this time, there was no need to even try.

the vows

So I was snapping pictures as tears streamed down my face. (By the way, the sweet pup is “Chewy”; Trish is dogsitting him, while his parents are out of the country on business.)

the kiss

Yes, Chewy. At last, indeed.

at last

Motor Man and I were honored to be among the guests, and we wish the newlyweds a long, happy marriage.

us 4

At last.

Antique Shop Barn Charm

A few weeks ago, Motor Man and I went to a boat race in Elizabeth City, North Carolina on a Saturday morning. We left the boat race later that day and headed to a car race in Kenly, NC.

Along the way, near Hertford, we passed this barn turned antique/craft shop.

I’m guessing the building WAS a barn in a former life, because of the nearby silo.

The signs on the building look weathered, so I’m not sure the antique shop is still in business.  Obviously it wasn’t open the day we were in town.

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Friday’s Fences

Last Saturday, Motor Man and I went to a race in Kenly, North Carolina. That’s a drive of about two and a half hours each way. We both were on the lookout for barns and fences along the way and found a few.

This is Springfield Bed and Breakfast,  circa 1896 (according to the sign), near Hertford, NC.

Blue hydrangeas and an unknown orange flower peeking through the fence.

And a welcoming front gate.

Although we weren’t planning an overnight stay, I wish time had afforded us a look inside this beautiful old home. Maybe next time.

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