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Saving The Day

Today, for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, I chose this prompt:
1.) Write about a time you or someone you know saved the day.

In the nearly 40 years that I’ve known my husband, he has come to my rescue many, many times. He’s done emergency repairs on broken shoe heels, removed splinters, killed spiders and snakes and destroyed wasp nests.  He’s come to my aid when my car left me on the side of the road. He’s repaired so many little household items that I’ve lost count.

But a few years ago, he did something much more important, not for me, but for my son, Marshall.

In January, 2008, Marshall was prescribed a large dosage of a steroid to be given through an i.v. at home each day for one week. A home health nurse met him at our house,  set up the i.v. and administered the first dose. The i.v. port was left in his arm to be used for the remaining doses. And a nurse was scheduled to come each day that week.

The following afternoon, the nurse called. She lived a little over an hour away, and it was snowing so heavily that she couldn’t see to drive. She asked if I could give Marshall the meds if she talked me through it on the phone.

Um. I don’t think so.  But I know someone who can.

Motor Man had been the main caregiver during his late wife’s illness, so I was aware that he knew quite a bit about i.v.’s and such.  I handed the phone to him.

And then I watched as my husband carefully, patiently and efficiently gave his step-son that day’s dosage of meds.

And saved the day. One more time.

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