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Mutual Of Omaha’s?

Motor Man has said many times that it’s a wild kingdom around our yard. And my pictures today prove that he’s correct.

Actually, he snapped this picture Sunday of our little resident hummie, having a snack.

hummie at feeder 7-24-2016 8-12-48 PM

Later in the day, I spotted this creature out by the water.  I’m guessing it’s a juvenile waterfowl of some sort, perhaps a heron? Some of my readers may be able to identify it for me.

unknown waterfowl 7-24-2016 5-52-22 PM

Monday, mid-afternoon (when our heat index was around 110), I noticed a deer, helping herself to the bird bath.

having a drink 7-25-2016 12-49-55 PM

And, then, using it for a scratching post. (By the way, although the squirrel looks real enough, that’s part of the bird bath. However, we DO have our share of squirrels here in the wild kingdom.)

scratching 7-25-2016 12-49-49 PM

And, then, along comes baby to have a drink from the “kid’s water fountain”.

mom and fawn 7-25-2016 12-50-18 PM

Yesterday, after having the above photos loaded for today’s blog post, I happened to walk in the kitchen to find this:

2 big birds2 7-26-2016 4-09-47 PM

The mystery bird from photo # 2 was perched on our deck railing, and he’d brought a friend (see lower railing).  What’s concerning to me is that I have a hummingbird feeder on the shepherd’s hook.  Could they have been possibly stalking my hummies?  We just can’t have that.

As I moved in for a closer picture, I got this shot as mystery bird took flight.

bird in flight 7-26-2016 4-12-13 PM

And that concludes this week’s report from our wild kingdom. Who knows what may show up around here next?

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Another week, another Friday, five random thoughts.

1.)  Our weather for the past couple of weeks has been just about perfect.  Sunny with daytime temps in the low 80’s, crisp, cool-ish nights, low humidity and spectacular skies. I took this picture with my cell phone Tuesday evening during golden hour.


2.) I’m not the only one enjoying the nice weather: my company for Wednesday evening’s sunset.

swan reflected 9-16-2015 7-03-15 PM

3.) This is one of three “outback” kitties at our shop.  Anyone familiar with ears like that?  The other two kitties won’t get near me, but this one comes when I’m putting out food for them and allows me to get fairly close.

outback kitty

4.) I’m tempted to take a picture each time I see one of my little hummies these days. I know they’ll soon be on their way south for the winter. This one was visiting recently during morning’s golden hour.

hummie2 9-14-2015 7-57-38 AM

5.) Five years ago this week, I registered my blog with WordPress. My first post, This House Has My Heart, was published on September 20, and has a whopping two whole comments.  Five years of blogging: that’s a lotta words and pictures. I’ve made many, many friends, some of whom I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in person. Although I  sometimes struggle for blog topics, I really can’t imagine NOT blogging.  Thanks to  all of you for stopping in to visit.

Happy  weekend!

~These Days Of Mine!

Those Little Hummies

Although I’ve kept two hummingbird feeders filled since early in the summer, they have definitely seen much more activity in the past week or so.

A very knowledgeable source (my friend, Donna) tells me that it’s because our tiny feathered friends are storing up energy for their long trip south.  One recent afternoon, I noticed one of the hummers, not at the feeder, but on a nearby hydrangea branch.

hummie1 9-2-2015 3-41-59 PM

These pictures were taken through our bedroom window. I wish I could have gotten clearer shots.

hummie2 9-2-2015 3-53-59 PM

Because I took these pictures several different times over the course of the afternoon, I thought it was the same little hummie. When I uploaded the photos, I realized it was actually two different birds. Since this one doesn’t have the red throat, I’m guessing it’s a female…?

hummie4 9-2-2015 4-00-40 PM 9-2-2015 4-00-40 PM

Those little wings will soon be covering many, many miles.

hummie 9-2-2015 3-28-50 PM

Safe travels, my little friends. We’ll be waiting for you next summer. (Sniff, sniff…)

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~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Almost the weekend, and time for a little randomness:

1.) My little hummie waited impatiently last night for me to freshen his nectar, then quickly stopped by to enjoy.

hummie 8-13-2015 7-56-05 PM

2.) I’ve shared with you before that Sundae loves us to put her “blankie” over her when she’s on our bed.  And, that she wreaks havoc on our upstairs guest room bed, trying to get under the throw at the foot of the bed. Well, she now has a new trick.  She’s learned how to get under the quilt on our downstairs guest room bed. All by herself.

That "lump" is Sundae

That “lump” is Sundae

3.) Remember this plant combo that I bought recently for the table on our deck?

deck plant 7-23-2015 6-20-37 AM

Apparently, our resident deer decided to climb the three steps to our deck and dine on the sweet potato vine. Now that we know they can maneuver steps, perhaps we should invite them over one evening.  Anyone know what beverage goes with sweet potato vine?

deck plant after 8-10-2015 2-22-26 PM

4.) On a recent trip home from the Outer Banks, Motor Man stopped me by Aggie’s pasture, so I could give her a treat. While we were there, a passing driver tooted the car horn, and I looked to see that it was an NC State Trooper.  (Guess he’s an Aggie fan, too.)

aggies treat 8-10-2015 11-31-42 AM

I was somewhat in disbelief when I got back in our vehicle, then Motor Man burst my bubble with his version of this plaque we saw in Cracker Barrel:


His version:  “That trooper said: ‘Don’t flatter yourself, cowgirl, I was blowing at the horse’ “.

5.) Tuesday evening, around sunset, we had rain across the river to our east. The clouds made for some amazing scenery.

marina clouds 8-11-2015 7-45-39 PM


Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Post-birthday random five:

1.)  Motor Man and I went to the Outer Banks last weekend.  Our planned afternoon of riding on the beach, looking for the wild horses didn’t go quite as we planned.  The sand was in such treacherous condition, after a couple of miles, we decided it best that we turn around.  I didn’t draw a deep breath until we were back on the hard surface.

sand 5-31-2015 6-28-06 PM

2.) Since we didn’t see any horses on the beach, it’s a good thing we stopped to visit Aggie on the way home. We gave her a granola bar and an apple.

db and aggie 6-1-2015 1-32-42 PM

3.) Sundae has been at it again:  what in the WORLD was she trying to do to the guest room bed? Final score:  Sundae, 1 coverlets, 0.

upstairs bedroom 6-4-2015 9-27-58 AM

4.) We’ve had rain for the past three days.  And at times, that rain has been heavy.  Yesterday, my little hummie was here during a downpour.

hummie 6-4-2015 11-01-13 AM

5.) I had a wonderful birthday.  Shopping and lunch with a friend on Wednesday, lunch with another friend yesterday, dinner and dessert with more friends, Marshall and Motor Man last night.  And lunch with another friend planned for next week.

fun with silly string

fun with silly string

marshall sundae db jr best 6-4-2015 8-08-44 PM

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes.

~These Days Of Mine~





Random Five Friday

Friday has rolled around again; here are five random thoughts rolling around in my head.

1.) Is there anything sweeter than kitty paws?

sundaes paws1 9-11-2014 10-14-11 AM 9-11-2014 10-14-11 AM

2.) It probably wouldn’t be Random Five Friday without a picture of my little hummie.  I titled this one “Hummie’s tummy”. He banked just as I snapped the picture.

hummies tummy 9-13-2014 3-59-31 PM

 3.) I’m savoring every day that the weather is still nice enough for flip flops. Yes, I’ve lived in them all summer: why do you ask?

 toes in the sand 9-12-2014 7-36-52 AM

4.) My “find of the week” while my friend, Bev, and I were beachcombing. Motor Man’s been busy researching online what type of bottle it might have been. There’s a tiny peeble embedded in the center.

old bottle top

5.) If you like bagels — and the spices that accompany the fall season– may I suggest?



6. Bonus!  I loved reading the comments yesterday about where you all find your quiet.

Share your randomness?

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Another Friday; another five random thoughts.

1.) You may recall my post a couple of months ago about my friend, Shirley’s, peacocks.  I learned last week that one of the peacocks, who had been in Shirley’s family for many years, recently died.  This is in memory of George.


2.) My little hummie is still visiting. I sure am going to miss him when he migrates south. Safe travels, my tiny friend.

hummie17-25-2014 2-16-09 PM 7-25-2014 2-16-09 PM

3.) Monday morning, it began raining in our area, and when it stopped on Tuesday morning, we’d had over 12 inches. Many county roads were flooded, and classes at the public schools were cancelled for the day.

high water1 9-9-2014 7-44-08 AM 9-9-2014 7-44-08 AM

4.) But, Wednesday morning, the sun broke through those clouds, and gave us a beautiful day.

sunrise 9-10-2014 7-11-59 AM

5.) Tomorrow, my friend and I plan to go antiquing, have lunch and visit a local greenhouse/nursery. After seeing this why-didn’t-anyone-think-of-this-before idea on Pinterest, I’m ready for pansies and pumpkins.

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Your random thoughts and plans for the weekend?

~These Days Of Mine~