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Sunset Sunday

Recently, we were on our way home from Newport News around the time of sunset. And, as we often do when that happens, we stopped at Huntington Park for pictures.

The jetty by the boat ramp there always makes for interesting photos.

A little editing = a little drama.

Sunset Sunday

These pictures were taken from the “other side” of the river during sunset on Thursday evening. Motor Man and I had run a few errands in Newport News, and as we were heading home, the sun was setting. We stopped at Huntington Park for a couple of quick photos.

I like the silhouettes of the folks on the beach.

This one was taken a few minutes later as we crossed the James River Bridge.

Perhaps I could talk someone into authorizing having those power lines put underground?  (For those of you who aren’t from this area, the James River Bridge is approximately 4 miles long. Slim-to-none chance of those utility lines being buried!)

This last photo was taken as we crossed the bridge over Jones Creek in the little town of Rescue, just a few miles from home. I shared sunset photos from this same bridge a few weeks ago.

Rescue is a quaint little village, and the view from this bridge is especially nice. As I mentioned in the previous sunset post, this isn’t a heavily traveled road, so Motor Man was able to stop for me to snap a quick photo.