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Her Birthday


lona bd

You may recall my posts about my cousin, Lona, who passed away last November. Today would have been her birthday.

I’m sharing this photo again (we used it in the video for her funeral) in memory of her.

This picture was taken in 1964. She was 11. It was the year we pretended to be secretaries to the Beatles (we dreamed big) when we played together after church on Sundays.

Our lives were interwoven with family and church. As children, we went to Sunday School together, GA (Girls in Action) functions, sang in the Junior Choir, and of course, as cousins, we were always visiting each other with family.

As adults, we taught pre-school Sunday School and Vacation Bible School together, and the GA functions were replaced by BYW (Baptist Young Women) meetings and activities. But, as cousins, the family aspect never changed.

We grew apart briefly in the 1990’s, but reconnected, and I was honored to be of help to her in the past few years as her health failed.

Our dear mutual friend, Janet, (more like a family member than a friend) and I are planning to meet this afternoon for an iced tea in honor of Lona’s birthday.

Oh, and Lona will definitely be with us.

Happy Birthday, Lona.

~These Days Of Mine~