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Poetic Thursday: Skyscraper

It’s Thursday again. And, as we do each Thursday, we’re joining our friend, Pam, and her ginger kitties, Teddy and Angel Sammy for some poetry.

This is the amazing photo for our inspiration this week:

And here’s my poem:


Our country was down, there’d been bad times.
But things were looking up, and this was a sign.

New Yorkers watched with a wary eye;
they just knew, when done, it would scrape the sky.

Workers hundreds of feet in the air;
constant danger, look down if you dare.

Day after day up on those beams,
working and saving for the life of their dreams.

“Come join us for lunch, we’ll save you a seat.
Yeah, it’s scary, but the view can’t be beat.”

Workers on the job has always been key
to our country being the best she can be.

*This picture was from a photo op during construction of Rockefeller Center. If you’d like to read more about it, click the link here. It’s quite an interesting story.

~These Days Of Mine~