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A Ferry Nice Day

(Oooh…sorry about that title…)

Remember the road trip I mentioned on Tuesday? Today, I’m sharing pictures from that trip.

A friend had told us some time ago about the Hatton Ferry, the last “poled” ferry in the country, located in Scottsville, Virginia .

Since Monday was a holiday, Motor Man didn’t go to his shop, and we set off that morning for Scottsville. It’s about a 3 hour drive from home.  En route, I went online on my cell phone and found a restaurant “Tavern On The James”, which sounded like a good place for lunch.


The interior was beautiful, our server, Christa, was wonderful, and the food was great.

tavern interior

Christa took us on a quick tour of the restaurant, seated us and then pointed out the window to “Sargeant”, the Scottsville Police Department cat. (He’s standing by the police car.)

db in tavern

So, of course, after lunch…..(you knew this was coming, didn’t you?).

db and sarg

We found this interesting little landmark showing the flood levels of the James River, prior to the levee being built in 1989.  The highest mark (just below the second story window) is from Hurricane Agnes in 1972.

agnes water level

We drove five miles out of town to the Hatton Ferry. This isn’t a great picture – it was taken through the windshield – but it gives you a good idea about the ferry.

driving on the ferry

The two-man crew was very friendly and offered to take a picture of us during the ferry ride.

on the ferry

The crew, “working the poles”:

working the poles

And this was taken as we were driving off on the other side. The James River is 512 feet wide at that point. (It’s about 4-and-a half miles across in our area.)

driving off

Just another reminder of my motto regarding Motor Man: “Life with you is like a road trip; we may not always know where we’re going, but it’s a sweet ride”.

A clue about tomorrow’s Friday’s Fences post: “Is that real?”.

Sunrise Saturday From The Road

Remember yesterday I asked if you could stand one more post about our trip to Strasburg last weekend? That statement may have been a bit premature.

You see,  I forgot that I wanted to share these sunrise pictures taken that morning from the road. We traveled up State Route 10, and were in Hopewell, Va. right around the time of sunrise. As we approached the bridge over the Appomattox River, I had my camera ready.

A few miles, and about 20 minutes later, we crossed the James River, and I managed to get this shot from that bridge.

And this one, taken just a few seconds later.

As is so often the case, the sky changed dramatically in a short length of time.

Oh, and by the way, there may be a future barn post (or two) from pictures taken during our outing last weekend too. So be prepared.

 It’s the trip that keeps on giving.

Sunrise Saturday

This is the sunrise from March 19.

It’s such a quiet, calm time of day. Usually the only sounds are those of birds singing.

This duck seemed to be swimming toward the sunrise.  In the distance, you can see a workboat, heading out to work the fishing nets, crab pots and/or oyster beds in the James River.

After taking these pictures, I began my morning chores reading blogs, and just happened to look out, about 30 minutes later.

You have my word: this picture was taken the same morning as the previous three.

Sunset Over The James

Newport News is the closest big city to us, and is separated from our county by the James River. We travel the 4 1/2-mile James River Bridge several times a week; most of our doctors are on “that side of the water”,  and there are many more restaurant choices and more shopping options in Newport News.

Last Wednesday, as we were returning home from dinner, the clouds were putting on quite a show for us. Motor Man took a little detour to a park near the bridge, so I could take pictures.

There was a storm “brewing” on our side of the river.  I’m not sure exactly what species of bird this is on the jetty (I’m thinking cormorant), but he had a front row seat. 

The setting sun was reflecting off the storm clouds.  That’s the  James River Bridge on the left. The structure just about in the center of the picture is the bridge’s draw span.

So even though these aren’t actually sunset pictures, the sun WAS setting just up the river…..behind the storm clouds.