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Motor Man finally got me to go.

Several years ago, he had been parasailing during a trip to the Bahamas, and although he has a fear of heights, he really liked the experience. My thought had always been that I hadn’t really ‘lost anything up there’, so I didn’t need that adventure.

But Motor Man is always doing things I want to do: horsedrawn sleigh rides in sub-freezing temps, driving up on the beach to see the wild horses, stopping me at antique shops, etc., etc.  So I thought it would be nice to do something adventurous that he wanted to do.

Our friend, Bev, went with us as a spectator/photographer.  Here we are, in the harnesses and life jackets, waiting our turn to fly. There were two other “duos” who flew on this trip; Motor Man and I chose to be last.

dbjr before 6-8-2015 11-40-12 AM

All too soon, our time came.  The first mate, Ronnie, clipped our harnesses to the bar, and we sat down on the deck of the boat.  The boat gently moved from under us, and we were off. (Smiles can be misleading.)


off we go 6-8-2015 11-48-17 AM

During our flight, I wasn’t as much scared as I was uncomfortable.  I felt that if I let go of the death grip I had on the straps, I would tip backwards.

up 6-8-2015 11-51-58 AM


Meanwhile, unbeknownst to us, Ronnie was having a little fun with the passengers on the boat – at our expense. (It was a toy.)

cutting our line 6-8-2015 12-46-57 AM

We were up for probably ten long minutes, and then, it was time to land. I had forewarned Ronnie that my legs would most likely be weak, but the landing was smooth, and he was right there to help.  The other folks who flew had opted to get dipped in the water as they were landing. Our captain had asked before our flight if we wanted him to dip us.  I replied: “You dip and there’ll be no tip!

landing 6-8-2015 12-01-34 PM

This, folks, is a (genuine) smile of relief once we were back in our seats on the boat.

jrdb after 6-8-2015 12-02-03 PM

Back on shore, Bev took a picture of us with Ronnie and our Captain, Rusty.

jrdb captin mate 6-8-2015 12-17-03 PM

When I posted the “teaser” picture on Facebook Monday afternoon, a friend asked if I would go parsailing again. My reply: “If they can figure out how to get me up there in a recliner”.

Seriously, though, we flew with Kitty Hawk Kites out of Manteo, North Carolina, Everyone there was friendly and patient with us and anxious to help us have a fun time.

How about you? Ever been parasailing? Would you go if you had the opportunity?

~These Days Of Mine~