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But, Wait! There’s More!

More Christmas, that is.

Those of you who know Motor Man and me (or who follow the blog) know that we’ve taken hot air balloon rides in the past. We also photograph our friend, Mark’s, balloon adventures and ‘chase’ the balloon while it’s in flight.

A few days before Christmas, I stopped in a nearby CVS Pharmacy, and while there, this little Peanuts item caught my eye.

I thought the price was a little more than I wanted to pay, so I took a quick video of it ‘in action’, and showed it to Motor Man later.  He liked it and said that I should have bought it.

And then, I remembered: I had a 30% off one item CVS coupon. So, the next time I was by a CVS store, I stopped in and bought one.  I think I paid a little over $18 for it.


A couple of days ago, Motor Man suggested that we look to see if we could find more of these now that Christmas is over. Of course, our local CVS stores had completely sold out, so on to the internet.

And that research was quite an eye-opener. This same little Peanuts animated table decoration is shown on several web-sites. The cost….ranging from $66.14 to $103.99 (regular price $129.99).

18 bucks doesn’t sound too bad now, does it?  Who knew?

~These Days Of Mine~