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Random Five Friday

How about some randoms to end the week?

1.) After many trials and tribulations, I have a sunflower. Apparently, sunflowers are so delectable to deer that the deer will climb up steps just to get a taste. So, out of about a dozen seeds planted, I have one. This is a small sunflower and it isn’t one of the exotic varieties, but it makes me happy.


2.) Last weekend, Motor Man and I took a day trip to the Outer Banks to have a look-see at the after effects of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hermine.  Of course, we had to also drive up on the four-wheel drive area to look for horses. (We only saw one; perhaps they were still hunkered down from the storm?)  This cottage, named Laughing Gull, sits closer to the ocean than any others. Normally the beach is wide enough in front of it for several cars to pass easily. Sunday,  for awhile, it was one lane only.


3.)  We also saw this dog frolicking in the surf. (His owners were just out of camera range.)  One word to describe this picture:  carefree.


4.) Saw this item in a country catalog this week, and it made me chuckle. Pretty sure that’s supposed to be “up and at ’em”. Who’s Adam?


 5.) The next few days, including next week, are shaping up to be rather busy. Just a tease: the wild horses are involved in one adventure, and there are also plans to meet some online friends in person (one is a VERY distant cousin that found me by way of this blog). You know I’ll share details.

~These Days Of Mine~