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Windowpane Wednesday: For The Birds

For the past few weeks, we have had very few birds in our yard. My friend, Donna, has noticed the same thing at her house.

But, yesterday…. we had lots of bird activity.  Sundae alerted me to that fact by ‘chattering’ at them from her window seat.

First, a bold red male cardinal:

He was trying out the different feeders:

I needed help identifying this next bird.  A quick message, including a photo, to Donna (a self-proclaimed ‘bird nerd’), and I learned that this is a tufted titmouse. Such beautiful muted colors – quite the contrast from the bright red cardinal. I made this colorful butterfly/bee bath (from a terra cotta flower pot and saucer) at the beginning of summer.

When I uploaded this picture, I immediately thought: “bird cage”.  This is a cage we put around our climbing yellow rose bush to help protect it from the deer. The orange flowers in the background are ‘orphan’ zinnias I rescued from Lowe’s.

And, finally, my favorite, the bluebird. By the way, my Motor Man took this picture.  All of these were taken through our bedroom windows.

Motor Man, Sundae and I all enjoy bird-watching and we’re  so glad our feathered friends have returned.

~These Days Of Mine~